Tuesday-tans: DS-tan


A couple of months ago I introduced you to PSP-tan and back then I told you PSP-tan was always at odds with the DS twins; I also told you you would meet them soon enough, well that time is now, Introducing DS-tan, or should I say the DS-tans.

As most characters, DS-tan has several presentations, and in this case her most common presentation is as a couple of twins, some times each one represents one screen in the DS, other times they represent two DS playing together. There are, however, several designs which show DS-tan as a single character and even those that using the twins design mix and match to represent the DS and the DS Lite.



DS-tan is always in a playful mood, few things bring her down, and even though PSP-tan is always harsh on her she has always been very nice to every other console-tan out there. She specially likes to hug and cuddle, “touching is good” she says. Dont be to harsh on her though, her joins have been known to break.

There is, evidently more love for DS-tan than PSP-tan as you can tell from the number of pictures. As a curious fact, one of the images was made by Diana Jakobsson from Studio Stawberri, you might know her as the author of the awesome latex catsuit  wearing PSP-tan which headed our PSP-tan entry. Pay her a visit, she’s a wonderful artist. Enjoy the gallery and see you next week!

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8 Replies to "Tuesday-tans: DS-tan"

  1. K.o.n says:

    Haha i call the pink ds tan pinky. for obvious reasons.

  2. I call the blue DS-tan Mellow-Yellow, for misterious reasons. Im an enigma like that.

  3. anthony says:

    i don’t think those are yors and i think if not i know wicht copyright place you stole thelm from

  4. anthony says:

    is this a fan site????

  5. fan site? this isnt a fan site, THIS IS SPARTA!

    Most -tan drawings are fanworks and their authors usually remain anonymous. If you know the artist ill credit them, we’ve credited other artists for their works in other tuesday-tans. And if the author contacts me and asks for his or her images to be taken off we’d comply. So uh, whats your point? The drawings are derived works of other’s intellectual property, in this case Nintendo.

  6. anthony says:

    sorry at the moment i was thinking of somthing else you wouldent uderstand and wolnt say ok and to a site that has other pepples work is a fansite well i have other stuff to do..

  7. Diana Jakobsson says:

    as one of my friends told me about this entry, I just had to look it up and say thank you for the very kind words :) it really made my day, nice to feel you are appreciated! ^___^)/

  8. Oh you’re welcome, I love your stuff, it has such a unique style. Glad to hear you appreciated it!

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