Pentavision announces S4 League


Excuse me while I go throw up out of excitement.



Now, we all know Pentavision for their Korean hit rhythm games for the PC DJMax and and DJMax Portable for the PSP, (which is by the way, the greatest thing since sliced bread) but what about shooters? And Stylish eSper Shooting Sports for that matter? Well, we will soon find out. Pentavision has announced S4 League for PC and S4 portable for PSP. What we know now, it will be a third person shooter with team based elements and online based gameplay. Also, as they have announced many of the artists we know and love that made the soundtrack for DJMAx, will be making the music for this game, I’m willing to bet music will play *some* part in the gameplay. This IS Pentavision we are talking about. In either case, with the level of polish this team turns out, you have to be excited for them to turn open a new genre and step outside their normal game boundaries.


s4p03                s4p05                   s4p02



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5 Replies to "Pentavision announces S4 League"

  1. Luucy__Shoto says:

    primera cosa que decirte, me a gustado mucho encontrar esta noticia en la web, no sabia que ivan a sacar el s4 para PSP. Muchas grazias (y)
    sabes si lo van a sacar a la venta en españa?
    y cuando? (si esque lo sacan)

    Muxas graxs ^^

  2. sunny says:

    i love this game and there are some part i hate about this game and those are when new costume comes they are always for ap and thier is nothing new for pens i want to give my idea to thier company website and i been trying to find out thier company website plzz tell me and i like thier portable idea too and plz help me to find thier offical website where i could talk to the owner !! thks

  3. jose says:

    This is awesome to bad i don’t have a psp at least i still get to enjoy BR and TD on PC

  4. hernan says:

    yo solo quiero poner unas ideas si les gusta.:
    1- En Arcade mode podrian hacer una historia nueva donde se va descubriendo lo del codigo zerone? estaria bien una historia tan chula pero si puede ser que sea mas larga que la otra.
    2- estaria muy chulo que en TD hubiera otro mapa pero en modo de cementerio o asi y cuando se hiciera un reset saliera un rayo negro y saliera un destello en el que aparece la fumbi ball. Bueno esto es todo muchas gracias. :)

  5. otaku4life says:

    srry to get u out of the clouds but s4 potable is not going to be developed any more for it is too hard to make a psp based s4 league. even s4 league on pc was going to get a new release because the game s4 league has too much users, this was going to be called s4 reverse league. but after (much needed) consideration this was cancelled too.

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