Moefy Your iPhone With the (seriously) MoeCamera



Two undeniable truths: otaku will buy anything moe and people will do anything for a quick buck. Put two and two toghether and what do you get? The MoeCamera! This iPhone app adds the moe your iPhone was lacking, even when your background image of choice. It does this by putting a lazily drawn, generic maid character on the screen while you take a picture. She can spill out a few phrases like “Look at me please” and tell you when your image is saved and also… no wait, that’s it. I’m serious that’s it.

So this is what its come down to, an overlay of a bad drawing covering up nearly half of your screen while you take a picture. Even moe rice had more merit than this. I’m sorry, this is neat and all but its a cheap shot. We can and should demand more. There’s no way we should fall for generic patronizing shit like thi… What? It’s only $1.99? I’ll take a dozen, now!


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7 Replies to "Moefy Your iPhone With the (seriously) MoeCamera"

  1. Khaim says:

    I would rather have something else. Where are the catgirls or maid catgirls for that matter?!

  2. Enner says:

    Gotta leave room for more, I guess. They’ll probably charge you more for combining fetishes.

  3. Kuroneko says:

    it needs moar moe o0ó/

    if i had an iPhone i guess i wouldn’t mind coughin’ up the 2 bucks for it if my moe was at least done right…

    while still cute, at a good glance the character’s body and outfit is poorly drawn which i find a bit off-putting…

  4. Estelle says:

    mine needs moar yaoi T^T

  5. MaidNiac says:

    I like maids but… seriously, she looks like something you can find in ZUN’s sketchbook..

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