HoboStory: MapleStory Anime Characters Revealed



We are less than a few weeks away from the premier of the MapleStory anime, the character designs recently got released and frankly, we’re scared. These look like anything but MapleStory characters! With these kind of characters, HoboStory would be a much more fitting name.

This is really shocking because the game’s strongest point was its chibi, cute, cliche’d anime-ish designs, actually it wasn’t its biggest point, it was its only point. Now don’t get me wrong, a series about a bunch of hobos caught in a grindfest world, killing pigs in armor and jumping around sounds awesome, but not like this!

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50 Replies to "HoboStory: MapleStory Anime Characters Revealed"

  1. Khaim says:

    It kinda looks like some of those old DiC cartoons from the 90′s … are you already worried/afraid now?

  2. animemecha says:

    Who the fuck is producing this? This better be some epic shit since its replacing Gurren Lagann’s time slot.

  3. Kikimaru says:

    Wait wait wait — replacing GURREN LAGANN’s timeslot!

    This had better mean that GL’s last arc is too AWESOME to show to kids!

  4. it will replace it once GL ends. Its like replacing die hard with dora the explorer.

  5. anonmyous says:

    Madhouse is making THESE shitty character design? What the fuck. Did they like spend all their budget on the second season of Boondocks or something?

    Also, is that Black Hole CO Jugger on the right?

  6. yappers says:

    I think a piece of my soul just died.

  7. Qorx says:

    Looks lame…. -__-”

  8. Koki says:

    This is great!

  9. Milton says:

    This is depressing.. that looks like the maple version of BARNEY.. XS

  10. Lord Kefka says:

    what did you guys expect? the game is so crappy that the anime must be megafail to keep up with it.

  11. Bobman says:

    Oh wow.

    This looks like the characters were drawn by a mentally deficient six year old with downs. Salutes knows what I mean, he’s one himself.

    Oh god, burn it with fire.

  12. Iriya says:

    Oh, em gee. EPIC FAIL.

  13. 123mOnKeY says:

    The character art makes me want to cry. It just doesn’t have the MapleStory feel to it, though it does have ribbon pig. The art reminds me of the earlier Japanese cartoons (like Samurai Pizza Cats)…

    I’m still interested how they are going to do the storyline for this… =O

    Ha, Jugger is invading other fandoms! =D

  14. Khaim says:

    i dont like, play, or slightly interested in Mapple Story… though, i hope it does well, that is for sure…

  15. leahfu says:

    horrible! and i was scared that they’d use those ugly chibis from their page! the guy on the right looks like a gollem from the Guild Party Quest

  16. wutisthatshit says:


  17. .... says:


  18. Lord Poo says:

    First the commercials…now this. What has MapleStory freaking come to??

  19. Saa says:

    Damn, these characters look as if they belong in an anime produced like 20 years ago…

    Tsk, it’s sad…even more sad that it’ll be lasting for 64 episodes…

  20. animemecha says:

    Wait….Saa are you f-ing serious. 64 episodes of hell on the internet?

    God we are screwed

  21. why-do-you-care? says:

    why are you here to read this?

  22. why-do-you-care? says:

  23. why-do-you-care? says:


  24. I care because says:

    ….Jugger is in this… =O

    Well, maybe it’s his half brother clone but still…

    =O =O

  25. OMG says:

    -Uses F6-

    Oh wow. I`m just glad I don`t live in Korea.

  26. zymeth says:

    wtf are those rubbish? since when did the pet has clothes on? and what metal monster and gay werewolf is that? never saw em in the game before.

  27. Since when is anime based on a game identical to a game? Welcome to cross-media whoring!

  28. Mitch says:

    Everything maple related is gay now, exept maple itself, although it is kinda turning gay….

  29. Well Canada is maple related, so are hotcakes, I dont see those as gay either.

  30. N4R3IK says:

    1. The characters should actualy resemble the ones in the actualy maple story game..
    2. Has it been dubed yet or has anyone put subitles into it?

  31. Someone probably subbed the first episodes, look around torrent sites.

  32. MapleMod says:

    I find that last pesons name highly offensive and they have been remove from the server. Everyting maple related isnt gay.

  33. emily says:

    wats this even about…?-______-im lost.

  34. Hannah says:

    I think Nexon is trying to turn MapleStory into one large franchise. I say they should just stick to the game itself. It has, what, over 5 million players? Why should they ruin it with a cheesy anime? I myself like the overall episodes; I think they’re pretty interesting. The drawings are crappy, and the show has nothing to do with the actual game. However, it’s OK for my taste.

    It really depends on what YOU enjoy. You love the anime? Great! You think it’s totally suckish? That’s fine. Just please don’t say anything offensive. Give Nexon their props for trying.

  35. SomethingStupid says:

    Ughh…. this gives me the shivers. Even MapleStory players won’t wanna watch this.

  36. jdfugther says:

    yo this aint bad o_O

  37. kinta1 says:

    Hey i love this anime so don’t you all be a dissin it its a good try for a first besides this anime was made before the game maple story was even made!!

  38. Imprena says:

    So scary! I like the game characters better!

  39. kinta1 you are so STUPID. They did not produce the Anime first. There was a korean version that was produced long ago, and the Anime was based on THAT the English version was published WAY after that so don’t tell people to stop insulting something if you don’t know a damn about it! GOD! So many people these days pretend to be know- it-alls when their really just annoying motherfucking retarded bitches like YOU! GOD i hate people like you kinta1!

  40. kinta1 says:

    Sorry liar Bountyhunter i was talking about the original korean version not the english version since i have only seen subtitle version of the korean thing i never even knew there was an english one..

  41. kinta1 says:

    i also know that the show was made before the game since the game is based off the show..

  42. applebitch says:

    kinta shut up nobody pays attention to ur dumbass posts

  43. kinta1 says:

    Like ur one to talk

  44. FudgeCakes says:

    Well try watching it before u post ppl and its pretty good but not too good,but at least Maplestory is Fun and STOP Posting bad stuff no one wants to know,u know what dey say ”if it aint nice dont say it at all”

  45. Annoyed 101 says:

    All you people arguing through are just being stupid and immature. noone cares about your argumentsao if you really have something stupid to say to each outher find a better place. Yes the art is crappy and does it matter what it’s based on? What matters is the now and right it’s a new anime. Watch if its good and if not then don’t watch again and don’t bother posting anything. Enjoy and goodbye…



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