Eva 01 Bike: Human Cycling Project



Beware, this bike goes berzerk, the chain snaps and the brakes stop working when an angel appears. Also, you cant ride it without a plugsuit.

As far as silly Evangelion merchandise goes this bicicle is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. Costing a rather reasonable 44,100 Yen (roughly $365 USD) it has great value and you certainly get the most otaku cred (or infamy?) per buck. No creepy music when you ride it though, that would just be too awesome to be legal.

[Evangelion Store]

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2 Replies to "Eva 01 Bike: Human Cycling Project"

  1. [...] Evangelion paraphernalia never ceases to amaze me, a while ago we had the bike, today we have these, the official Evangelion Headphones. This pretty puppies are a collaboration between Chara-Ani (who make all kinds of Otaku stuff) and Audio-Technica, which apparently are “pretty damn good” from an audiophile point of view. [...]

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