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The conference started a few minutes behind schedule, and then got off to a slow start, giving us a history lesson about the PlayStation Brand’s success, then talking about PSN, PSP, and finally the PS3 lineup. Here are the big announcements you need to know.

  • 130 Titles coming to PS2 in 2008
  • PS3 Greatest Hits line, games for $29.99
  • You can download Movies and TV Shows for rental or purchase on the PlayStation Network Store
  • Home service can access custom environments based on games in your library
  • Some version of Valkyria Chronicles will be available for PSP
  • A partnership with Google that has to do with news and user-based content via PSN
  • 80 GB PS3 for $399.99
  • New Game: Infamous by Sucker Punch. Gritty action game with telekinetic hero
  • New Game: Massive Action Game, fight with up to 256 people in online skirmishes

Honestly I am really looking forward to Infamous, and the Store/download stuff sounds cool. IMO, it was the best conference of the hardware camps; Sony delivered a few new games, price cuts, and new online functionality. Their goal of highlighting the increasing value of the PS3 seems to have been achieved.

Full details after the cut.

11:33 – Suddenly, dualshock button symbols, everywhere. And the Playstation logo, followed by sirens, gunfire, and creepy ambient sounds.

11:34 – Highlights trailer of upcoming games. RE5, Bioshock, Guitar Hero, Singstar. PSP segment, PSN, Ratchet and Clank, etc.

11:36 – Jack Tretton introduces the show. “Most stressful event you could ever imagine.” Mentions something about Kratos. “We’re just getting started.”

11:38 – Blah blah history of Playstation brand, 15 years old, ushered in CD technology to games.

11:40 – Talking about old PS2 hits, saying how great they are.

11:41 – Talking about how awesome the blu-ray format is. PS3 set a world record, etc. “Blu-ray won the format war.”

11:43 – “Playstation in 2008 is all about software.” Talking about MGS4, “true meaning of exclusive content.” Touting PSP’s lineup now.

11:45 – Switching backdrop, talking about PS3. Resistance 2 presentation incoming. Gameplay footage, attacking a giant enemy with a rocket launcher. Getting right up in his face and grabbing the player, who shoots a rocket right in his mouth. More strafing and attacking the enemy from a bridge.

11:49 – Takes place in Chicago, former inhabitants are zombies. Another “virus” story. “Breaks new ground with” 8-player co-op, 60-player multiplayer. Multiple giant bosses, expansive environments, warships you can board, epic battles. “Offers more than any shooter in 2008.” Now the latest trailer, in-game footage.

11:51 – Takeoff on War of the Worlds radio broadcast? Except real in this case. Emphasis on giant beasts/battleships, abandoned streets and scenes of destruction. Logo.

11:53 – User-generated content, talks about LittleBigPlanet. Created a level of LittleBigPlanet “to share with you all.” Oh lol, it’s like a powerpoint presentation as a LBP level. SONY ROX WE RULE EVERYTHING you get the picture. 50 billion dollars at retail. Starting a $29.99 Greatest Hits PS3 line. Ninja Gaiden, Oblivion, Resistance, Assassin’s Creed, others.

12:01 – Now moving on to Playstation 2 discussion. 130 titles coming in 2008! A trailer of some of them….sports, Star Wars, Warriors Orochi 2, Singstar Pop vol. 2, Yakuza 2, Mercenaries 2.

12:04 – Hawking some “Buzz” quiz show game I’ve  never heard of on multiple platforms. Ok. PS2 bundle featuring Lego Batman and some movie. Yawn.

12:05 – Moving onto Playstation Network discussion. Provide games, movies, and TV? New interface, no hidden fees. Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty coming to PSN.

12:09 – Trailer with developer talk. A shorter format, but same pacing and feel of other games in series. Also we see some gameplay footage. New energy tether you can manipulate objects with. $14.99.

12:11 – “WE HAVE THE MOST GAMES.” Looks like another highlights trailer, of PSN games. Crash Commando, Fat Princess (?) actually looking pretty interesting, Eden which is a very pretty artsy game, Pain: Amusement Park, Flower another conceptual experimental game, Siren: Blood Curse, Ragdoll Kung-Fu. Some cool stuff in there.

12:14 – Gran Turismo TV in game? What? Trailer shows off different racing programs. Pretty weird concept, not sure who cares. It just keeps going. Via GT5 Prologue.

12:17 – Now talking about “community experience.” Talks about trophies, shows of PS Home. A trailer showing some footage, looks a lot like Second Life. People chillin at bowling alleys and clubs. Touring a Resistance-themed space. So some games will have custom environments to mess with in Home?

12:20 – Unveiling new service whereby you can buy movies on PSN. Movies $9.99-14.99 for purchase, cheaper for rental. Can be put on multiple devices at the same time.

12:23 – Showing the Playstation Store, we get to see the interface, navigating through different movies in a grid. Looks pretty fluid, easy to use. Take an hour to download a 2 hour movie, but you can stream.

12:27 – Something for everyone, casual to hardcore. The Store will be available tonight!

12:28 – Some new PSP bundle with R&C and Echochrome.

12:29 – Trailer of Resistance game for PSP. Lots of shootan going on, literally making pew pew sound effects. Thrid-person over-the-shoulder. Coming Spring ‘09.

12:32 – More PSP games. LocoRoco 2, sports, Super Stardust Portable looking pretty slick, Patapon, Buzz (lol), Valkyria Chronicles (?!?!?!).

12:36 – “Back to PS3.” Thank. God. Mentioning a partnership with Google. Hmmmm. Also something will work with Youtube. Live news, weather, and webcam. Sounds pretty ambitious.

12:38 – Previewing DC universe online. Introduces comic book artist Jim Lee and director of DCUO. He’s…doing pushups? “I am literally pumped.” :| He actually does look pretty excited to show off the game. Talks about his glorious Everquest days. There is somewhat of a crowd response, for once.

12:41 – Imagine being able to create your own superhero or supervillain. You can explore Gotham and Metropolis. We’re going to show you a sneak peak…

12:42 – Big Dramatic movie announcer voice, we see some gameplay, doesn’t look all that graphically impressive. There are some epic battles, but it doesn’t look like true in-game footage (looks scripted). “Now is the time to build your legacy.”

12:44 – “Improving the functionality of our Hardware.” In september, 80 GB PS3 will go for current price of 40 GB PS3 ($399.99).

12:46 – Montage of developers/publishers talking about how they’ve grown to love the PS3 or some bull. Saying the sky’s the limit, more touting blu-ray. Also we are seeing some footage of Call of Duty, Fallout 3, Prince of Persia.

12:50 – Now finally, the lineup. LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm, MGS4 (uhh), Quantam of Solace (bond game), SOCOM, Ghostbusters, Soul Calibur IV, Resistance 2, the agency (?), Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, Mirror’s Edge, Resident Evil 5, Singstar, Guitar Hero World Tour, NBA, Buzz, Killzone 2 with lots of stuff blowing up, Fallout 3 ends the whole shebang.

12:53 – God of War will come to PS3, here’s a trailer. “In the beginning, there was chaos…” Dark and stormy scene, ground is split open, fire and lightning. Looks just like a short teaser. Logo already. No in-game footage.

12:55 – Infamous, game by Sucker Punch, has open world, you can be her or anti-hero. Trailer time again. Some stylish comic-book graphics for the cutscenes, and the in-game engine looks decidedly current-gen: grey, grim, and post-apocalyptic. This dude has telekinetic powers and can shoot lightning. This is pretty fucking cool to be honest. We’ve got free-running, climbing, platforming, in 3rd person.

12:57 – A BRAND NEW GAME. Something massive, nothing else like it. Bringing in Andy from Zipper Interactive to talk about it.

12:58 – Called MAG: Massive Action Game. Can support battles with up to 256 players! Teams will be 8-player squads led by leaders that have gained the appropriate rank. Has a campaign, character growth. Ongoing faction-based campaigns. Wow, sounds pretty crazy. Lots to soak up in here at once.

12:59 – Trailer. More grey and brown. The trailer stutters briefly for everyone online (or most from what I can tell). It looks like a giant warzone, we see vehicles, turrets, explosions, squads taking on one another in a military complex. Not sure if it’s actually in-game footage, probably not (no HUD or consistent perspective). Also There are planes and paratroopers. Zooms out to show the battlefield.

1:02 – Sony pioneered 10-year system life-cycle, you should look forward to what else they have to bring in the future.

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9 Replies to "E3 Sony Press Conference"

  1. Link says:

    2:44 – “Improving the functionality of our Hardware.” In september, 80 GB PS3 will go for current price of 40 GB PS3 ($399.99).

  2. Link says:

    Ack, i meant to also say: But with the same functionality of the 40 gig.

  3. Quiche says:

    Sorry about not starting the live updates earlier!

  4. Enner says:

    Yay, games were shown. Shame most of them are available elsewhere, but what ya gonna do.

  5. Chris 'Taco' Martinkovic says:

    I thought there was a distinct lack of PS3 exclusive games shown. The fallback onto the PS2 was also a little disheartening.

    I’m psyched about Valkyria Chronicles on PSP though.

  6. Dogi says:

    And all the conferences sucked, The End.

  7. Nahu says:

    The fallback to the ps2 speaks volumes, taco. Oh man I could go on and on about that.

  8. velcor says:

    agreed, Dogi.

  9. Sol says:

    Boo, so nothing really new for the PS3.

    @ Taco: agreed. While I’m glad some cool games are still coming out on the PS2, the nextgen has been out for a while and it still hasn’t quite AMAZED me like it was supposed too. The commercials are cool at least.

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