[E3 2010] The Microsoft Keynote Presentation



The Microsoft Keynote press conference just ended. Didn’t have time to see it? Too busy to read a 5 page account of what happened? How about 1 page? Still too much? Ok here’s an extremely summarized review of what happened.

Gears of War 3 demo: The greatest feature? No more brown! We now have grass, trees, blue sky.  It took many years but they’ve finally managed to include some color into the game. For the rest it looks pretty much like Gears 2 did.

New Fable: looks like you’d expect, seems like it will incorporate some sort of government simulator in the later stages of the game.

New Halo Reach: Eh, it looks like Halo.

Kinect Demo: Watching movies and controlling them with your hands for fast forwarding and rewinding. Voice commands for pausing and stopping. You can pretty much control the Xbox like you would your dog. Yell “Xbox, music” and Xbox plays Justin Beiber (seriously happened). It has a nifty video chat feature that follows your face and it’s compatible with msn messenger.

ESPN partnership with XBOX for live events, you can watch thousands of live matches on it, control it with Kinect for replays and what not.

Kinectimals: Think Nintendogs for the Kinect. They showed a baby tiger and it looked creepy as hell. Tigers are not supposed to smile.

Kinect sports: It’s like Track and Field for the NES, only 20 years later. Same running on the same spot and jumping we used to do back in the 80’s. It’s also got pretty much all that Wii sports has.

Kinect Joyride: Fun racer using your body. It actually looks kinda fun but the track looked a bit too simple.

Kinect Adventures:  This actually looks impressive, first time I’m actually seeing the point of the Kinect. Use your body to collect tokens while you go on an on-rails ride. It also takes photos of you playing during the course. Looks fun for parties.

Ubisoft’s Your Shape: Fitness Evolved: It’s Wii Fit for the Kinect. Shows quite a bit of lag between the movement and the response on-screen. The interface is miles above Wii Fit in design.

Harmonix Time! Dance Central: It’s like the promise of actual dance gaming that DDR made years ago but now with actual dancing. This is going to be a dream game for little girls all over the world.

Lucas Arts Star Wars game: Looks quite sloppy…  Bunch of Storm Troopers shooting at you and missing, well at least they go the Storm Trooper accuracy spot on! No actual light saber duel  gameplay shown.

Kinect launches Nov 4th with 15 launch titles.

New Xbox Slim, smaller, sleeker, same price of 299. Ships today! New Xboxes for everyone in the audience, lucky bastards. Bigger hard drive, built in Wifi.

Overall this was kinda disappointing. Reminded me a lot of the 2008 Nintendo presentation with that whole Wii Music fiasco.

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2 Replies to "[E3 2010] The Microsoft Keynote Presentation"

  1. Ximum says:

    The whole conference was lame, but those new 360s are sexy as sin.

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