DBZ Live-Action movie shooting in the USA






As of now, 20th Century Fox’s version of Dragon Ball Z is in the making. . . in Montreal. That’s right, we will get a chance to see our favorite Kamehame ha-using characters in a Hollywood-ized version. It is estimated that the budget for the movie is going to be $100 million, so expect some pretty awesome explosions and colorful beams!

The movie is expected to be finished by July, 2008. We can only hope they don’t mess it “too much”.


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29 Replies to "DBZ Live-Action movie shooting in the USA"

  1. Sheesh they bought the license to do this so long ago I thought maybe they had given up on it and we would be spared the horror that a live version american Dragon Ball movie would be like. Seems like I was just being too optimistic.

  2. Khaim says:

    … i heard gossip that they were filming something in Durango (the mexican State, not the truck)

  3. Lopson says:

    lol? Great way to ruin the DB franchise.

  4. There’s already a live action Dragon Ball movie but its an asian film so you kinda expect it to suck and just laugh it up. But a $100USD film… damn.

  5. Velcor says:

    It will all go to CG the “chi” on all the characters. Oh, and Kame hame ha’s.

  6. Kikimaru says:

    I dunno — since all the DBZ crew look like muscled Americans, this could work out fine.

    Assuming they don’t take themselves too seriously…

  7. have-it-ur-way says:

    bleh, this movie will suck fo’ sho’

  8. hahaha says:

    hahaha oh my gosh! This movie will suck!

  9. AJ says:

    Im really shocked that they would ruin a perfectly good anime show by having Justin Chatwin play the part of Goku, ive been waiting for years for them to make a Dragonball movie and its going to be a poor film if they continue with Chatwin, nobody wants him to play Goku cause he looks nothing like Goku, and i dont know if anyone else agrees with me here, but his eyes are too weird, theyre slanted. Anyway i hope they sort this out soon cause its going to be a waste of money in the end. Oh, and while im writing this check out my picture on here http://www.myspace.com/eenkhoorn20 if you think i look like Goku then they should have me play the part lol (well i was told i look like him by many people :S) and on a plus side im already a black belt martial artist and can do a good impression of Gokus angry eyes lol


  10. Bellua says:

    I really hope everyone who’s pissed at this madness spreads the word to stop anyone around them from stepping into theatres when it comes out

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  25. [...] movie shooting in the USA' … been waiting for years for them to make a dragonball movie …http://darkdiamond.net/web-notes/dbz-live-action-movie-shooting-in-the-usa/#comment-120439Hollywood studio plans live action ‘Dragonball’ movie – …Fox said in a statement issued Wednesday [...]

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  29. Alexander says:

    This movie is going to blow big time.
    The Tv series would have been better to base it off of rather than the manga…
    Actors were pulled from every movie possible.
    hope those who see it who HAVE seen Dragonball and its entirety realize you wasted your money.

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