Computer trojan targets otaku

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And we’re back, sorry for the silence we were experiencing technical difficulties yesterdays. You know, computer trouble affects us all nowadays. When its not sheer user incompetence, its something or other going haywire or a pesky computer virus or trojan. Talking about pesky computer trojans, they even make them for demographics nowadays.

Take trojan Troj/Pirlames-A and Troj/Pirlames-B for example, its affecting Japanese otaku everywhere! The trojan is spreading through the Winny file sharing network in Japan, which is popular among otaku for its high quantity of manga and anime. It poses as screensaver files (and most likely as porn as well), and when installed it starts overwriting files with images of girls from Kanon (anime / ecchi game). That might not sound so bad for a Kanon fan, but these images attempt to guilt-trip winny users to stop using the file sharing program. Why? Perhaps a little backstory is in order.

Winny’s creator, Isamu Kaneko,  was tried and found guilty of assisting copyright violations and sentenced to pay up a lot of money. So this images, like the one just above, say things alluding to this. The one above for example says “Even though Kaneko-San was found guilty, you’re still using Winny aren’t you. I really hate such people!”

Believe it or not many otaku will fall for this, actually, if someone made a dating sim that had the girls telling the player he should join a given cult or guerrilla, you’d have a fervent and numerous (albeit pitiful) army in a second! Hmm… to the coding machine! Nahu away!


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