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Aonuma Interested In 3D Link To The Past


While fans worked their asses off to make OOT a 2d game, it turns out Eiji Aonuma, creator of most of the latest Zelda titles wants to make A Link to the Past into a 3D title, or so he said in a recent interview.

Ocarina of Time was the first title I worked on, and I was continuously tackling challenges every day during its development, so I think this is the title I feel I impacted the most. I believe that experience made me what I am now. I always think about what we couldnt do and what didnt work well in the previous game when we start a new title, but theres no game that I would want to actually change as such. I have to say though, the first Zelda game that I played and felt potential in was Link to the Past. Im actually very interested in what it would be like if we remade that title as a 3D game.

Now that sounds totally sweet but somehow I doubt Link turning into a pink bunny translates well into a 3D game.

[The Tanooki]

A Week Later With Legend Of Celda

PHcover.jpg PHcover-thumb.jpg

Wait, I mean Legend of ZEL-da. Because of, you know, the whole internet forums bitching about Link’s new cartoony look. Oh wait, that joke’s 3 years old? Review after the jump.
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The Mysterious Zelda Council

That interview with Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto we posted about the other day contained a bit of trivia on how Nintendo develops Zelda games. According to Nintendo Dream, the magazine conducting the interview, Nintendo has a “Zelda Steering Council” which decides what’s appropriate for a Zelda game and what isn’t.

So link turning into a pink bunny and then a wolf is all decided by this mysterious council. I dont know what goes on inside that council chamber but I’m pretty sure consciousness is altered in some less than legal ways, how else can you explain Tingle?


*Ahem* . . .OMG Link! What have they done to you?!

Oh crap. Just when I was starting to like the idea of Link transforming to a wolf this comes out:

Fursuit aficionado Fatkraken is the one responsible for this wolf Link cosplay suit. My impressions? Although I’m not into the furry scene, I really like this suit; it’s well made and somewhat captures the essence of Wolf Link. Good Job, dude! Too bad it will probably end up being used for unspeakable acts of depravity.

You can watch more photos of the suit (and some disturbing-looking Zelda mailmen) HERE.


First Four Figures Finally Releases Sheik

Alex Davis over at First Four Figures sent us, as usual, some pictures of their next release, Sheik. Velcor actually saw this one at last year’s San Diego Comi-con. Sadly the pictures of it were near white from flash flare, Velcor was shooting with a disposable camera and we all know how much those suck. It looks alittle different from the model presented back then. Somehow this one seems a little less detailed. See for yourselves.


This figure looks fit for a mass produced release, and even those tend to look better. Its over $100 bucks so unless you are a die hard Zelda fan with too much disposable income, think twice before buying.

[First Four Figures]

Pray no more! Zelda:OoT finally on Wii.

To all of you Nintendo fans. . .they have finally done it. The legendary Zelda:Ocarina of Time is finally downloadable via the Wii’s Virtual Console at the reasonable price of 1000 points ($10). If you haven’t played this game, well, I don’t know in what African nation you’ve lived in, but if you’re reading this, shame on you! Go get it now and realize what makes the Zelda saga so special.


Zelda: TP secrets and Easter eggs in action.

Well. . . remember Nahu posted some Zelda:TP Easter eggs? Someone compiled some of these scenes for you to check the vast amount of details that surround this great game.

WARNING: You would likely want to finish the game first before watching the scenes, but I don’t consider them to be major spoilers of the obvious, like Link and the wolf.

I still want to ask Nintendo why wouldn’t they get other character design for the 00CC00′s. They’re just too creepy.


Twilight Princess Full Of Easter Eggs


In a recent post I asked just what had Nintendo been doing to Twilight Princess for such a long time. Well apparently they spent that time adding quite a bit of easter eggs. Someone on the IGN LoZ board posted a list of easter eggs, some are pretty obvious, some are historical facts most Zelda fans will know but then again, some are just perplexing. Take the following for example:

- The night sky is an accurate representation of the real night sky. Stars are the correct brightness, and constellations such as Orion and Cassiopeia. The moon moves, but the stars stay still, however. (Nintendo really has a thing with stars this generation huh?)

- Oocca are inspired by M.C. Escher’s painting “Other World” (Seen above)

- When you ask the fortune teller in Hyrule Castle town for your ‘love’ fortune, her chant is actually “Wait….loading takes a while” spelled backwards.

- Ooccoo is the little bird that warps you out of dungeons. 00CC00 is the hexadecimal colour code for the green of Links tunic in the original Zelda. It’s likely a coincidence, with Ooccoo being a play on Cocoo (the chickens).

Pretty cool! The commenters on the forum add a few more. Know of another easter egg? let us know in the comments.

[IGN / Via Wiifanboy]

Retro Video – The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past -

Now, what person that has had a Nintendo console hasn’t played a Zelda game? If a difit comes up, I would be pretty concerned about all he / she has been losing. Not just because it’s one of Nintendo’s best expanded-franchise games, but because it has that veil of fantasy everyone would like to be served on top of their breakfast cereal.

Now I present to you the famous Japanese ad for the game, featuring the main characters and NPC’s hip-hopping around with a catchy tune.

I’m waiting for The Legend Of Zelda: Brilliant Dance Floor.

Zelda completion calculator. . . speechless.

306px-ZeldaTP.jpgEver thought on what you need to do next to complete your Zelda: TP with 100%? Suffer no more: There has appeared (or rather, someone made) a Zelda Calculator, which estimates your percentage of completion depending on how many dungeons, minigames and whatnot you have achieved.

Us? We’re on 74.782666666667% (almost there!)

Check the Calculator HERE.


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