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Ubisoft Cancels We Dare In The UK

Following an outburst of parental outrage Ubisoft has decided to cancel the release of it’s impossibly awkward “kinky game” ‘We Dare’. The game had been given a 12+ trailer by PEGI, the European rating body. Unbelievably Ubisoft is still planning to release this in some European countries… and nowhere else.
[Game Politics]

Dead Island Announcement Trailer

With games like Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor and many other mainstream shooters integrating zombie modes into their repertoire it’s no surprise we’ve become desensitized to the ruthlessness of the zombie apocalypse. Enter Dead Island, a game that aims to bring back the human touch to the rise of the undead. In what is probably the best game trailer we’ll see this year we see the story of a family torn apart, quite literally, by the living dead.

L.A. Noire Gives Out Some Orientation

Rockstar is releasing some gameplay feature videos fro L.A. Noire leading up to its release. The first of these videos, entitled Orientation, goes over the fundamentals of gameplay and brags about how your emotional intelligence and “real detective work” will be key to solving cases in the game. In reality it may play out more like a very well done interrogation minigame and clue inspection segments a-la Phoenix Wright but that doesn’t mean the game will be any worse for it. It’s still looking fantastic!

99 Bottles Of Beer On The Lost Wood’s Theme

How about a small musical interlude courtesy of gentleman with high bottle blowing prowess? Honestly I have a hard time getting them to make any sound, perhaps that makes it seem so amazing.

Digimon Masters MMO Coming To The West In Early 2011

Get ready for a blast from the past coming sometime this 2011. Wemade is planning to bring over to the west the latest  Digimon MMO this means two things: There’s more than one Digimon MMO, which I did not know and you’ll be able to relive those old Digimon dreams once again. The game will feature only 3 Digimon and 3 player characters at launch which isn’t much but we shouldn’t really be that picky about such a good nostalgia fix.


DDN Podcast Season 2: Episode 1

The podcast is back in what we’re conveniently calling season 2! Is moe killing the anime industry? Is Steam killing PC gaming? Why are anime fans treated like lepers? Find out in this episode hosted by Ivan and Ben.

The Impossible is Real: Duke Nukem Forever to be Released!


Hail to the king, baby.

At a surprise conference at PAX 2010, Gearbox Software and 2K announced that they’ve done what everyone thought would never happen: They’re finishing Duke Nukem Forever. According to the guys at Gearbox, they’re finishing it up right now and should have it out for PS3, PC, and 360 sometime early in 2011. Sadly, due to some ESRB problems, we weren’t allowed to see the actual trailer 2K showed, but from some small snippets of game footage, it looks pretty damn awesome.

Expect more info in the coming weeks.

[From Kotaku]

- Reunion Report – Entertainment Zone -



This probably being my last report in a long time, I plan on telling the perilous story of a certain guy that went on his way to a dream place filled to the very top with gamers, where he would find a vast amount of consoles, computers, and avid players that were going to be testing all afternoon their long-trained psychomotor skills with the controllers in an attempt to successfully control bald space marines or drive a simple go-kart impervious to explosives and reptilian carapace all the way to the finish line. . .or so they said.

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Too Rich For Our Blood: D&D On The Microsoft Surface

File this under oh, that’s cool, I’ll drive my flying car to your house and we can play because you wont be seeing anything this advanced in real life for a good 3 years (…which is when we’ll have flying cars). Give a group of Carnegie Mellon University students access to a Microsoft Surface display and after a few months you’ll get this, a half-playable concept for a multi-touch table version of Dungeons and Dragons. It even recognizes figurines as characters and the user interface is pretty polished for a concept. Give these guys a small budget and a few more months and you’ll have an awesome D&D platform… that will be too expensive for most of us and we’ll never get to use.

[Crunch Gear]

New L.A. Noire Screenshots: Who Cares About Faces When You’ve Got Dapper Hats


LA-Noire2 LA-Noire3

Yesterday Game Informer released a few set of screenshots from L.A. Noire a game we really haven’t heard much about for 4 years. It’s Rockstar’s best kept secret, developed by Team Bondi, with some sort of groundbreaking facial animation system and a Jazz soundtrack that makes me wish Yoko Kanno was the composer.

The screenshots don’t say much and even though it’s been 4 years since the trailer came out, the game’s style looks fantastic. Although I don’t know why they flaunt the facial animations in this game when everyone’s face seems to be conveniently covered up by a hat.

Oh yeah and Rockstar has also revealed that the game finally has a release date, September 2010, so with any luck we can expect a PC version sometime in the vicinity of 2015 and 2045.


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