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Ubisoft Cancels We Dare In The UK

Following an outburst of parental outrage Ubisoft has decided to cancel the release of it’s impossibly awkward “kinky game” ‘We Dare’. The game had been given a 12+ trailer by PEGI, the European rating body. Unbelievably Ubisoft is still planning to release this in some European countries… and nowhere else.
[Game Politics]

Red Steel 2 Goes Wild West?


Red Steel 2 will be the cover story of the June issue of Nintendo Power, it will reveal all the details on the next installment of the Red Steel series. The cover artwork and table of contents, available online, only reveal that the game will take full advantage of the Wii MotionPlus and that the style of the game has taken a rather unexpected turn towards the… old west?

If the only known artwork, seen above, is any indication of the direction of the game we might be looking forward to a western or western-steampunk-ish game. This can only mean one thing: goodbye to the awesome Jpop songs of the first game, one, if not the only, remarkable thing about Red Steel. Lets just hope the MotionPlus can deliver on the promise of awesome sword fighting that the original fell short of achieving.

Anyone up for some machete VS katana swordfights?

[Nintendo Power / Via Kotaku]

Tower Climbing Simulators: Assassins Creed 2 Details Leaked


For fans of the best tower climbing simulator since Tower Climbing Sim 2000, the scoop on the sequel to Assassin’s Creed has been leaked into the interwebs. The story was to be the exclusive of Game Informer magazine’s next issue, however someone got an advance issue of the mag and leaked the story into the Ubisoft forums, where it was promptly removed by the moderators, granting more credibility to the info.

Here’s what we know so far:

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Ubisoft’s Pro-Casual Stance Draws Ire From Gaming Community

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In response to critics of Ubisoft’s poor showing on the Wii, company forum moderator Raide made some comments that have alienated many Wii owners recently, dropping bombshells like “If you look at the most successful Wii games, they are not amazing new AAA titles,” and “Parents who are buying a console for their children do not really care about Prince of Persia, Rainbox Six, or Far Cry on the box, they want games that are going to be good for their children and not get them in the local newspaper.”

He also noted that they have “started venturing into the casual gaming market,” and is putting less focus on the mature kind of games Ubisoft used to be known for. Of course ,these comments only helped cement the beliefs that these critics already had about the company. The post was just dripping with cynicism, and to put it simply, if Ubisoft thinks like this guy, then they really have sold out.

[Kotaku] [Destructoid]

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Directed Towards Casual Gamers



At Ubidays in Paris, only a day after Beyond Good & Evil 2 was announced, Ubisoft executive Yves Guillemot explained to the press the marketing strategy of the greatly-anticipated sequel: Focus on casual gamers instead of the game’s original audience.

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Confirmed, Teaser Released

No longer is it just a rumor. At Ubidays in Paris, Ubisoft has announced that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is not only in development, but looking pretty damn good at the same time. Along with the announcement comes a teaser video showcasing a desert, a broken down car on the highway, Jade staring off into the horizon, and Pey’j napping. The teaser video is said to be made using the game’s graphics engine. If so, BG&E 2 is shaping up to be one incredible-looking game.


As long as the story and characters can hold up the standard set by the first game, this won’t be one to miss. Here’s hoping the next trailer shows some footage of Double-H.

[ Gamersyde ]

Suda 51′s Heroes Bound To Stateside!


You remember Killer 7, right? That trippy on-rails shooter with more style and flair than you can shake a stick at. You also remember that new game coming out in Japan called No More Heroes, right? Announced by director Suda 51 and developer Grasshopper Manufacture, this Wii game may be action game focusing on Travis Touchdown, otaku extraordinaire, who must take down the top-ten assassins so that he can be number one.

Thanks to the effort of Ubisoft picking up the rights to publish the game, Americans can enjoy the funk on February 2008. To quote Jay Cohen, vice president of publishing at Ubisoft:

“Ubisoft is excited to be bringing Suda 51′s latest adventure to gamers in North America. Suda 51 is one of the most creative minds in gaming and No More Heroes is shaping up to be a visually stunning and immersive game with an extremely engaging storyline players will no doubt be drawn to.”

Visually stunning? Tip of the iceberg, buddy. [IGN]

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Just what we need… more Tom Clancy games.

With the success of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and Splinter Cell, a new Tom Clancy series has been announced for the next generation of consoles: “End War.” Ubisoft’s Shanghai studio is going to be handling End War, and if you’re a fan of the aforementioned Tom Clancy games, then you shouldn’t be disappointed. Not much is known about the game, aside from the fact that’s it’s supposed to take place in World War III, and that it is a strategy game.


Ubisoft promises that “EndWar will push the envelope of technology, showcasing artificial intelligence, graphics, physics and animations that were not possible prior to the launch of the new hardware systems.”

[Totally 360]

Get your Wii shells! Hot, fresh Wii shells!

The time for the Wii is near, and everybody is working really hard to provide us with Revolutionary games with Revolutionary gameplay and Revolutionary characters….no, wait….The point is, the guys at Ubisoft released one of the tons of “shells” that are expected to be released to play all types of games for the Wii. this time, it’s a Steering Wheel…the Wii-heel.

It doesn’t show gameplay ‘cuz it’s not fully functional but, you get the idea already, right?


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