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MapleStory Anime Dated


News that MapleStory, the side-scrolling MMORPG, was getting the anime treatment have been known for some time now. But just recently did we learn what spot would it occupy on TV Tokyo’s schedule. The series will begin airing on Sunday, October 7 at 8:30 am (so expect subs somewhere around Tuesday), taking the place of epic shonen, Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.

But as many Gurren-Lagann fans say, Gurren-Lagann is too epic to end. Ever.


Manga Fighter: It Exists And The Beta Is Closed

So who knew this game even existed? I didnt, thats for sure! Manga Fighter is a game which features “manga characters” in a free for all third person shooter. Now the manga part is really a vague statement, the game has such western feel to it that a couple of anime-eyed characters really wont cut it. The stages look like something that came out of those first Lego 3D games, which while it worked for Lego, it doesnt so much for Manga Fighter.

Still, it just might be really fun and if you want to give it a try you are in luck since their first closed beta just ended and the next one begins sometime this month. A bear with a rocket launcher is never a bad thing, bad manga style aside.


RO2 Open Beta Starts Today

The Korean open beta for Ragnarok Online 2 started today, the chance for all RO fans to see their beloved game in glorious free 3D. If you are among those who wanted to try well we´ve got bad news because sadly its only for Korean citizens, you need a social security number to play.

Still, if you are a Korean citizen or wish to try and risk being caught by the Korean police you can use the number of any Korean friends you might have. Oh but there´s also that whole thing about the entire game being in Korean, but I´m confident our reaedership is more than accustomed to playing games they dont understand.


Tim Buckley On The Perfect MMOG

Tim Buckley, author of Ctrl+Alt+Del, is working on a list of features his ideal MMOG would have, being a man who’s played more MMOs than most of us would care to admit his opinions are quite interesting. Most I’ve seen implemented in a game already but never all. Two of my favorite bits:

Character Creation: Character creation is the first thing a gamer sees when he fires up an MMO, and the process defines their character for the entirety of the game. And not just what racial benefits and class they choose, but their appearance in-game. And I, for one, am sick and tired of developers acting like character customization is an afterthought. Something that takes a back seat. Three or four hairstyles and a couple of face options to choose from may be fine for a single player RPG, but when you’re going to be sharing a world with thousands of other people, you need more than that to differentiate yourself.


Around level 20-ish, certain player classes would begin to learn teleports, similar to Wizards and Druids in the original Everquest. Available to port nearby members of their party to specific locations around the world, with more locations becoming available as they leveled up. In EQ, a lot of Wizards and Druids would run “taxi” services in their free time, and some would teleport travelers for free. Either way, it encouraged social interaction between players, something that automated travel in current games does not.

This last bit reminds me of Ragnarok Online where Acolytes and Priests were the primary source of transport, it made for great fun. What would your ideal MMO contain? Let us know in the comments!


Age of Conan Beta Begins

Age of Conan, the new MMO slated for release during the holidays this year, has opened up to closed beta, and for those of you willing to brave the high specs required for the game, and the dangerous world of Hyboria, you may get to be some of the first to set foot in the new world.


The game apparently is using a hybrid system of combat using a real-time slashing system while still giving you the strategic choices that other RPG systems allow. What that entails exactly, who can tell. But from some of what they’re advertising, including castle sieges and huge battles that feel much more “up-close” than other’s, we may finally be able to live out our Lord of the Rings battle fantasies, unless the ACTUAL LotR game does a better job. From the success of 300, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of people itching for gritty spear-to-shield combat though, so expect this to be a pretty big thing later this year. For those wanting to sign up, you can find the beta application here.

I’m sorry but the princess is in another game

A long time in the making, and even longer in the ‘why hasn’t it been done? done list comes this World of Warcraft video very cleverly emulating a Mario plataformer.

The best parts are the powerups and the underwater level, this must have taken a really long time to make, and the editing is top notch!


Hiromichi Tanaka Talks FFXI On Wii And The Future Of The Chrono Fanchise


Recently Cubed³ had a chance to interview Square Enix’s Senior Vice President Hiromichi Tanaka, and took the chance to ask him some interesting questions regarding Final Fantasy XI for the Wii and a possible revival of the Chrono franchise.

Regarding Final Fantasy XI for the Wii, Tanaka stated that the reason for the game’s absence from the Wii lies in Nintendo’s stance on online activity. Which while not a surprise, is strange since Phantasy Star Online played on the Gamecube. Nintendo is adamant to let gamers interact online without a friend code.

lucca2.jpgHowever, not all hope is lost, Square Enix is in talks with Nintendo to solve this roadblock, which could very well open the doors to other MMO games seeking to join the Wii’s library.

Speaking about the Chrono franchise, Tanaka said that Square Enix hasn’t given up on the franchise, but that a sequel is not currently planned. He also commented on the future of old titles such as Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, saying that bringing them back for the Wii’s virtual console or a remake for a handheld would only be a question of arranging the copyright issues, again not clarifying if this is currently planned or not.


Korean Gold Farmers Form Trade Association

gold farmer.jpgI guess its true what they say, if you build it, they will come, and if you tax it, they will group. Some of the most prominent Gold Farming companies in Korea have banded together to form their own trade association. Called the Digital Asset Distribution Promotion Association or DADPA, their aim will be to lobby with the government as it tries to regulate online digital asset trading.

Game companies need to catch up and start doing some lobbying of their own, lest these gold farmers turn the scale in their favor.

[Raph Koster's Website]

Bastard! Online trailer up


There’s a new trailer for the upcoming anime based MMO game Bastard!! is up online on the game’s official website. For those who never saw the 6 episode OVA series, Bastard! tells the tale of a once evil wizard’s quest to stop his old partners from destroying the world. The trailer looks awesome and captures the epic feeling of the series but I wonder if the game will be able to capture that same scale as an MMO.


Fox plans Firefly MMO

firefly_cast.jpgBrowncoats should rejoice or go Reaver crazy, Fox has at last headed your words and they are reviving Firefly, somewhat.

Fox has entered in a deal with MMO platform maker, Multiverse, to create a MMO based a game based on the Firefly universe. Forgive me if I find this lukewarm in excitement. Firefly did have a very detailed universe ripe for turning into a MMO, but what made the show was the main characters, the crew.

Learn to take a hint Fox, when a series of only 11 episodes draws crowds of thousands years after its been canned. When this fandom produces continuous material, like Done the Impossible, a documentary that entered Amazon’s top 1000 DVD list. When they organize conventions that sell out. Bring the freaking show back.


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