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Snazzy Limited Edition Street Fighter Gear


This is just the first in a line of Street Fighter “collections” from clothing line Triumvir, and the rest of the line will follow in late 2008. The cap and t-shirt come together as a package, and are based off of M. Bison’s Shadaloo crime organization.

I bet most of you are thinking the red ensemble looks a lot sharper (and more Bison-like). Turns out the producers though the same thing—it will only be available at Comic Con this year. Only 200 pieces will be available worldwide (!), so the competition to snag them will be fierce.

[highsnobiety via / Kotaku]

Mega Man 9 T-Shirts For Your Consuming Pleasure


For those who didn’t catch wind of it during the hustle and bustle of E3, Capcom employees were wandering around sporting t-shirts featuring a simply stunning parody of what’s widely considered the worst piece of box art ever to grace a video game cover. As it turns out, Capcom enlisted the talent of Gerald de Jesus to pay homage to their not-so-noble roots.

Apparently the demand for this shirt was so great that they have decided to start selling them. Chris Kramer, PR head of Capcom, has written in his blog that they will be reprinting the shirts, and that they’ll “have some t-shirts of this beauty available for purchase soon.” You can count on me sporting this bold proclamation of one’s nerdy roots. Will you?

[Capcom-Unity via Joystiq]

Check Out This Sweet Mirror’s Edge Swag


What’s so special about this messenger bag? Well, if you recognize the logo, you’d realize that it belongs to the much-anticipated game Mirror’s Edge. Supposedly it’s modeled after the bag that protagonist Faith carries in the actual game (or was her bag modeled after the product? Hmm).

You can get it if you pre-order the game from GameStop. It has seven compartments and “fits your PS3, Xbox, 360, or laptop for gaming on the run.” This, along with the Pokémon151, exemplifies the kind of game-related merchandise I think we’d all like to see. It’s simple, elegant, stylish, and doesn’t scream “I’M A NERD” quite so boldly as say, a Zelda shirt from HotTopic.


Schoolgirls And Perverts Alike Cheer For New Phone Straps


These are one of the latest trends in Japan, phone straps in the styles and shapes of all the different Schoolgirl outfits of the many Tokyo school districts. Girls can use them to represent where they study and local womanizers or perverts can use them to keep a tally of… well, its Japan, need I go further?

[Japan Sugoi]

Massive Wood And Anime Figures


Check out these wooden sculptures from Japan’s Wonderfestival, quite an elaborate way to put massive wood back into anime don’t you think? has more on these really quite beautiful pieces.


Kaomoji Dolls: Otaku Emoticons Made Dolls


Japan’s cell phone  charm craze finally combines with the otaku culture craze and no, this is not about anime phone charms, but actual otaku as charms. These are the Kaomoji dolls, small characters based on Japanese emoticons which depict otaku in every facet of their personalities. See them obsess over a manga, snap a photo of their favorite idol, buy gashapon (capsule toys) and even puke in a toilet. You can watch them do a crazy dance routine depicting a day in the life of an otaku in the following video.

Are they hilarious or what? They are also eerily reminiscent of my own life. Japanese emoticons are vastly superior to their western counterparts and the range of emotions they express is vast. Some even express emotions I’m sure I cant yet name. Surely you know someone who uses them, perhaps you do and at less than a buck each (100 yen) its an awesome gift for that emoticon obsessed friend in your life, mind you, the shipping and importing would cost you way more than the dolls but damn it if it isn’t worth it.

P.D. Yes, I am back from my unannounced vacation/time off, did anyone notice? I sure hope not! o_o;

[Official Kaomoji dolls Site / Notcot]

Kiyohiko Azuma Makes Yotsuba&! Cardbo For Amazon


Amazon Japan, in its never ending quest to attract the Otaku crowd comissioned this Amazon-branded Cardbo to Yotsuba&! and Azumanga creator Kiyohiko Azuma. The Cardboard Robot figure is only 2200 Yen, about $20USD and will most likely enjoy a very limited run. Its still a freaking cool homage to two things everyone loves, Amazon boxes and Yotsuba&!

[Amazon / Via Boing Boing]

Official: North American Official Square Enix Store Officially Open For Business


Today Square Enix opened the doors of its North American merchandise online store, it features items that have been common in Japan for some years now and that you could only get by import in this side of the ocean. However, a quick browse around the store and you’ll see these are not the cheap knock-off stuff you are used to see on eBay. This is the real deal, expensive, bling your heart out silver jewelry! There is also a lot of figures, plushies (chocobo!) and even a SHINRA Employee ID Card Case, for any official SHINRA business.

Visit with a wide open mind and an even wider wallet, and hurry because the stuff is selling out fast!

[Square Enix Official Online Store]

Mall Goth Fodder: Doodle Hex Announced For The DS


Spanish developer, Tragnarion Studios, recently announced their latest project called Doodle Hex. The game is a puzzle battle game where aspiring magicians fight magic battles by casting rune spells. And yes, you guessed right! Players doodle the rune figures into the DS touchscreen.

The game graphic style is very trendy with post-anime character designs sure to catch the eye of the little mall goths / emo kids that hang around Hot Topic when they are not playing Neopets. Yet as harsh as I may sound on this game, I’m hooked on the main character, Fey, and her spiked-collar wearing bunny. Man, I can almost see the hoards of teens wearing them on T-shirts already.

[Tragnarion Studios]

Petit Eva To Be Made Into Video


The most recent edition of Newtype Japan announces that Petit Eva: Evangelion @ School, the chibi styled series which places Evangelion characters on a high school setting, will be made into an animation. Adding to the money making strategy of Gainax, this series is sure to generate more money than many small european countries.


Petit Eva takes place on Nerv School where not one, but 3 Rei Ayanami “sisters”, a really small EVA-01 as well as an even more helpless Shinji are under the command of teacher Misato and principal Ikari Gendo (aka most badass principal ever).

The video adaptation will inevitably lead to an onslaught of merchandize based on these characters, which already appear on the Evangelion Doritos we saw a while ago. There is no stopping Gainax now, they have Akihabara under their command.

[Petit Eva Official Site]

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