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Kawaii: Rock that asian pose


Listed as the definitive guide to Asian poses, aptly named sets the stage for learning the hardest of poses. As challenges are listed, strike your pose and upload the greatest pics for the world to see…poser weeaboos need not apply.


Kawaii Obsession: Hello Kitty Castle

hello kitty castle

There is no shortage of things Hello Kitty. And for obsessed fans, any empty space can be covered by this lovable kitty. Jump to Shanghai, China. Available to the public, this Hello Kitty castle contains everything HK. You’ll find clocks, accent pillows, door pulls, even themed food. If Hello Kitty was our overlord, her throne would exist here.

Now if we can only castle guards wielding these AR-15s, with matching side arm

kittyrifle Bang Bang Bang



Cat Shit One: Bloody Battles, Fluffy Bunnies

What happens when you take the grim and bitter reality of worldwide armed struggles, amazing action sequences and… fluffy animals? You get Cat Shit One. A story about armed conflicts in the middle east told trough the eyes of CGI bunnies, cats, goats and many other fluffy creatures.

Cat Shit One (Apocalypse Meow in the US) was originally a 3 volume manga produced in the late 90’s about  a US military unit of rabbits fighting during the Vietnam war, it is now being turned into a 12 episode animated series set in the middle east. There’s a  play on words coming from the Japanese word for bunny USAGI and a group of U.S.A. G.I.s, you’d thing this kind of detail lost in translation would be in detriment to the series. But nothing can hurt the premise of bunnies with assault rifles and rocket launchers!

Its set for release early 2010 so there’s still a long way to go, nonetheless this is one of the most promising projects out there. Fuck it, its like putting 24, Metal Gear Solid and 100cc’s of kawaii into a blender and turning it into a fine cocktail. I’d play the game, wear the t-shirt and buy the goddamn DVD. And so should you.

A Moment To Relax

Have things been hectic lately? Do you need something to sooth you down and remind  you this world is still worth having? These two lovely Gothic Lolita girls should sooth your soul. Doesn’t that just warm your heart? I think when I have children I’m going to spend an awful lot of money on wardrobe.

Thanks Godsh0t!

Kawaii Band-aids, or are they?

Damn, Japan works so hard to make products all cute that it scares me sometimes. Take this Band-aid TV ad for example.

More than a band-aid it looks more like an ecstatic maxi pad, and that’s very creepy.

[Japan Probe]

The Hello Kitty car, so fabulous!


Mitsubishi has unveiled this…monster.. a special edition of the Mitsubishi i. It has Hello Kitty up the wazoo (yes, the wazoo). Here’s a list of features I managed to obtain.

  • This car presents a new stage in alternative fuels, it runs on Kawaii.
  • The motor literally purrs.
  • The car’s only emissions are lavender and LSD.
  • Impressive new biometric technology, the car wont start unless you hug it.
  • Only one was made as manufacturing required the sacrifice of the last living fairy.

James at Japan Probe calls it his ‘nightmare car’, I call it ‘fucking trippy’! Seriously, Id love to dress in full goth regalia and drive around, stereo blasting Carmina Burana or One winged angel.

[Japan Probe]

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