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The More You Know: Building An ‘Internet Relief Kit’


This one’s a bit off topic but nonetheless important and interesting for all us internet addicts enthusiasts. Ever wondered how you’d connect to the internet in the case of disaster? Zombie apocalypse? Capitalist meltdown? You’re most likely not going to be saving lives, fighting thugs or hunting for food. Face it, you’ll be the local geek so you might as well help out.

The latest issue of Make magazine has details on putting together a Network Relief Kit to provide internet connectivity in the most extreme of situations. The total setup costs around $3,500 USD and bandwidth costs are pretty expensive at $3 to $6 per Megabyte of data transferred. You’re most likely not going to be buying this any time soon but doesn’t the fact that you now know how to visit Dark Diamond from inside your zombie quarantine zone make you feel a lot better?

[MAKE / Via Boing Boing]

Happy 40th Birthday Internet!


Forty years ago, in 1969, at a UCLA lab, researchers managed to connect two computers and send data between them through a cable only a few feet long. What was then the roots of a military and academic network has now become the largest communications platform of all. Business, games, art and even love have been boosted because of the internet and all in the name of one and only one thing only: porn.

Yes, the internet’s true purpose has been the liberation of smut unto the world without borders or discrimination, from hentai to furry balloon popping fetishists, the internet has united humanity in its love of porn.

And sure along the way it has paved the way for many new industries and hobbies such as the ones we’ve come to love the most: anime and video games. We’d have to buy extremely overpriced anime DVDs from series we don’t even know if we’ll like without fansubs. We wouldn’t have online games, and of course, I wouldn’t be able to be writing this nor would you be reading it. I’ve been using the internet for 14 years of my life and I’m a better person because of it (or so I tell myself). So let’s hear it for the internet and all the joys and horrors it has brought us. Happy birthday, pal!

Thank You Google: Gaming Themes For iGoogle


Google just released some new ways to jazz up your internet experience. These official themes are added directly by publishers to the iGoogle API. Choose from FF Crystal Chronicles, Zelda, D&D, Mass Effect 2, Mario, and so many others. If you can’t decide which game you want, no problemo! Google has taken care of that with a Game of the day theme… Thank you Google.


N64 Kid Gets 1-Upped by Wii Kid

Well I suppose I really shouldn’t be surprised. I mean it was only a matter of time before the Nintendo 64 Kid was forced to step down from his throne fashioned out of millions upon millions of lolz from all over the world. Thus, I present you with the “Wii Kid.”

Sure it doesn’t really roll off of the tounge like the pseudonym of his predecessor, but the video clip is still funny as all hell.

Thank you internet, thank you.


No Place Like Home: 5,400 Japanese Live In Manga Cafes


Remember that scene in Maid in Akihabara where Mako Sakurai’s character lives in a cubicle in an Internet/manga cafe? Well she isn’t the only one, by far. While the fact that some otaku live in these cubicles isn’t new, a new study by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare has just revealed the true magnitude of this phenomenon.

After surveying 3,200 manga cafes the ministry found out that 5,400 people call these places home, having no other place to live. These people sleep, eat, shower (somewhat regularly I suppose), browse the internet, play games, read manga, watch anime and sometimes, just sometimes even work from these places. Is this a symptom of the rising costs of housing in Japan? The realization of the otaku that they really don’t need much else in the way or worldly possessions?


Internet Commenters in a Business Meeting

Imagine a world where forum posters from “GameFaqs” and “NeoGaf” (to name a few) wander around acting stupid and getting away with atrocities like “bump” and “L33t” speak. This video below shows us a glimpse of this bizarre reality at work in the corporate world. *shudder*

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Hay guys lets all switch to Firefox kay?

Well as if we haven’t made enough fools of ourselves yet, the Big Guys at Mozilla, decided to make a cheesy video trying to convert people to Firefox, and even better, they posted it on YouTube.

With the extremely cute Japanese Firefox mascot and these two buffoons in fox ears,(furries, i tell ya!) they might have converted me, but I’m already a happy user. (In before troll-fest) also, Firefox 3? What?


Nahu, pick up one or two of these for the Holidays!


Recent technology is amazing, the downloads are fast, and browsing, even faster. Well, compared to the good Ole dial up from yester-year. But now something comes and shatters all you knew about the Internet and speed. The record for largest amounts of data on a single optical line: 25.6 Tbps, yes, TERABYTES. set by Alcatel-Lucent

This is currently the world record, and the previous was 14Tbps. Now in case you were wondering, and I’m sure many of you would like to see the sheer awesome in this. here’s an example: You could send over 600 DVDs worth of information, in ONE SECOND, yeah, hardcore, i know. Just need something like that in my house, I’d be set for life.



Anime to be sold on iTunes

animeipod.JPGApparently Anime News Network has insider incormation that Aple Inc. will announce later this week the sale of anime content throught its iTunes store.

Legal digital distribution of anime has been around since last year but the arrival of anime on iTunes will put content avaliable for the most popular portable video player. There has been no other announcement so far on prize, only that it will be of an “affordable price”.

And dont be sad , although all of the content will be dubbed anime, it would have been quite a pain to read subs on those tine screens. Await more on this this week.


Internet Meme in Phoenix Wright 2

Capcom’s localization team must be filled with either true geeks or Will Smith fans. Why? Well apparently a dialog in the soon to be released Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Justice For All is a famous internet meme as seen in this video.

Didn’t get it? Pause at the clowns dialog, here let me type it for you.

“In West Clownadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where I spend my clowin.”

You got it right, thats the theme song of the Fresh Prince of Bel-air. Here’s the original lyrics:

“In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days.”

Will Smith fans or huge geeks? We guess huge geeks. After all, there was 1337 speak in the first game. Way to go Capcom!

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