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♪ Hikaru Utada’s theme for Evangelion 2.0

Hikaru Utada - Beautiful world

With Evangelion 2.0 comes another theme song from my future wife and the mother of my un-born child Hikaru Utada. Her song “Beautiful world” (which also featured on her 5th Japanese studio album Heart station) was the main theme to Rebuild of Evangelion‘s first film Evangelion 1.0: You are (not) alone. And a remix of same song features as the theme to the second film Evangelion 2.0: You can (not) advance. I’m usually weary of remixes. When I think remixes I tend to think really bad dance music and over echoed vocals. But this right here is pretty awesome. The song is remixed by PLANiTb: who also remixed Hikaru’s theme song “Simple & clean” for Kingdom Hearts.

Listen: Beautiful world (PLANiTb acoustica mix)

© 2009 EMI music Japan

Now THAT is what you call a remix! I love how how the tone of the original version was just completely flipped with the new instrumentations. It would’ve been nice to have had Hikaru record all new vocals. But I’m such a stan that this’ll do for me.

I do hope for Evangelion 3.0 that we get a new song though and that we don’t keep getting remixes of “Beautiful world”. I love the song, but 4 to 5 different remixes of it is a bit much. Shit, who am I kidding. I’d lap ‘em all up and love ‘em regardless. Because I stan for Hikaru like that.

Damn I love this woman…

Hikaru Utada fights the blues

Hikaru Utada’s fifth studio Japanese album Heart station is imminent and Hikaru’s gone and released a 35 second teaser of her singing a brand new song off of it. Check it out…



I’m liking the whole one take whilst singing dealio, even though she did it before with “Hikari”. One thing concerns me though; ever since “Flavor of life” Hikaru has looked like a boy with a terminal disease. She looks so pale and washed out. I still love her and want her to marry me though. There’s only so many women who could rock a boy’s haircut, a boy’s shirt, look like Ashiya from Hanazakari no kimitachi e and still look sexy. It’s all in her eyes.

Hikaru Utada’s new album Heart station is released on March 19, with a Canadian release slated for April 8.

Hikaru Utada – Beautiful world x Rebuild of Evangelion

Shinji - Rebuild of Evangelion A short clip of Hikaru Utada’s PV for her theme to Rebuild of Evangelion has been released on her official website and interestingly it does not feature Hikaru at all! The PV instead includes a montage of clips from the film itself. This will probably piss off fans who were hoping for a brand new PV which featured Hikaru. I doubt she’s fussed though. She’ll still get a big bag o’ money and a number 1 hit single on the Oricon charts at the end of it all.

The first film in the series Evangelion: 1.0 – You are (not) alone is released September 1, 2007 in Japan. Hit the link below to get a sneak peak at it and to hear Hikaru’s Utada’s theme song if you haven’t heard it already.

[Hikaru Utada's official website]

♪ Hikaru Utada’s theme for Evangelion 1.0

Hikaru Utada - Beautiful world

I’m a huge Hikaru Utada fan and have a bit of a thing for her. I sometimes have dreams about coming home, taking off my shoes, hearing the joyous cry of “Okaerinasai”, and having Hikaru Utada shuffle up to me and take my coat and shoes. I do have other dreams about her, but I can’t share those. Bottom line? I think she’s awesome. Which is why I am pretty stoked she as a brand new song on the way.

Hikaru’s been on a run with theme songs lately. Delivering us “Sanctuary” / “Passion” for Kingdom Hearts II, “Flavor of life” for the Japanese TV drama Hana yori dango 2, “This is love” for the OVA Freedom project and now “Beautiful world” for the forthcoming Rebuild of Evangelion films! As is usually the case, the song rocks. Hot beat, blips ‘n whizzes going off all over the place and warblicious vocals make it a winner.

Listen: Beautiful world

© 2007 EMI music Japan

Great song. I heart it plenty.

OMG… Errr… OMB: Revisiting “Simple and Clean”

Considering that Luminous has posted up some update on Kingdom Hearts, I found it appropriate to present to you children Hikaru’s Utada’s acoustic version of “Simple and Clean” – live!

Wonderful voice, cute, young, and Asian… And guess what, males? She just got divorced.

And so the fanboys rejoice.

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