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An Introduction to Dōjinshi

Dōjinshi (同人誌) self-published mangas often the work of amatuers; however, some professional mangakas had their start in here. Heck, some are still making doujins. Clamp, for example, first started off as a dojin circle of 12 girls who were first known as the Clamp Cluster. Rikdo Koshi of Excel Saga had began as am amateur mangaka making dojins. Monkey Punch, pen name of Kazuhiko Katō, even had his beginnings rooted in dojinshis before making Lupin III. Hehe, even Maki Murakami of Gravitation has her own circle called Crocodile Ave; it has created the popular doujins Rimigra Gravitation & Megamix Gravitation – graphic hardcore yaoi lovin’ packed into two sweet mangas for you fangirls. If you’re an aspiring mangaka, dōjinshis are one of the best places to get your start.

They’re like the independent movies or underground comix of mangas… Well, Tijuana Bibles if you count the H-dōjinshis. Still, over the last decade it’s become quite the phenomenon. There are even conventions dedicated to the purchase, sell, and trade of dojin’s between attendees,the biggest being Comiket. At Comiket, attendees typically do their business twice a year in Tokyo, summer and winter (And when I say business, I mean “the trading, selling, and the purchasing” not… well, any kind of sick or vulgar thing you think of whenever you hear somebody say “I’m going to do my business…”). It’s 20 acres of cheap amateurs willing to do anything to get money or get their material out there – kind of like college, or Hollywood. Okay, that last part was a bit of a lie, but the 20 acres was true. This is the place where attendees buy, trade, and sell their dojins. And you get some pretty damn good artists out there with damn good fanfics just to your liking – whether it be a NarutoXSasuke lovin’, or a continuation of Cowboy Bebop after Spike’s last battle, you’re going to find it here. However, you have to be fast and lucky to find it – these kind of dojins are published in small numbers in order to avoid litigations. And not to mention, so search for something specific like that in a huge crowd is like looking for a needle in a katamari.

That’s right I went there.

However, there are some artists who also use the internet to their advantage. I’m talking about those webcomics that we all know and love. There’re those hidden talents in the DeviantArt boards. Some awesome fan dojins that look like the real thing can be found there. Or webcomics that can be well considered dojins that deserve a bit of publicity – or more… Either way, I’m planning on starting a new feature amongst the web-notes: “Dojin Alert!” Posts centered around online Dojins that are made available for the public! Becuase there are just so many, and it’s too much work to look for them all, let me do the work for you guys :D If there’s a request, e-mail’em my way, or comment in this post and I’ll scour the internet for them… Mind you, however, I can’t do anything as specific as Shiji and Toji softcore lovin’ with Commander Gendo breakin’ down the doors to make it into a hardcore threesome (you sick bastards, why would you suggest something like that?). Just errr… well, e-mail or comment and I’ll see what I can post up. But no H-dōjinshis! I’ll do cute little pairing, but anything that’s even remotely close to hentai will not be posted up! If you want some hentai, look over at our partners, and you’ll find a banner that outta perk your curiosity. But I will not look for hentai for you guys. I’ll think about ecchis, though…

Expect the first “Dōjin Alert!” soon!

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