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DJ Hero confirmed by Activision; Beatmania: ‘Oh shit.’


Not keen on just outdoing Konami on Guitar and Drum games, Activision has officially announced “DJ Hero” to fully annihilate japanese rhythm games from the face of the earth (look out, DDR!). It has been in development for nearly two years (since shortly before Activision acquired the Guitar Hero license) and should be out next summer, possibly with the ability to face off against Guitar Hero players. I really have no clue what to think of this. So far, the soundtrack is all mash-ups, and the controller is basically a Beatmania pad, except cut down to three buttons and an SFX switch added. It could go either way at this point, so keep watching for more details.


Guitar Hero Movie a Possibility


Director Brett Ratner (director of the Rush Hour movies and X-Men: The Last Stand) thinks that making a movie based off of the Guitar Hero game series would be a good idea. No, really. He says he’s currently trying to convince Activision to “let” him make it. Here’s his pitch for the story: “It could be about a kid from a small town who dreams of being a rock star and he wins the ‘Guitar Hero’ competition. One of these dreams-[come-true] kind of concepts.” Oh boy.

This is just what we need more of, right? Looks like we’re getting more “hip” movies about video games that actually degrade rather than uplift the cultural status of the medium. Besides, I find the prospect of making a Guitar Hero movie entertaining would be near-impossible. I’d much prefer something like a doc/mockumentary about professional Starcraft players. Why? Because Guitar Hero is just about reflexes, dexterity, and memory; there’s none of the excitement of improvisation like in an RTS or FPS. Either way I’m curious to see how this project would turn out.

[MTV Multiplayer]

Guitar Hero World Tour Wants to Challenge iTunes


In order to compete with Rock Band’s successful ventures in extensive DLC, Guitar Hero is following suit when it comes to their downloadable music. However, Chief Executive Officer at Activision, Bobby Kotick, says they’re taking things one step further and claim they will be a “successful competitor” with iTunes.

Activision’s partnership with Vivendi and subsidiary Universal music will strengthen their bid considerably. The whole thing has me confused, because not nearly as many people are going to own Guitar Hero: World Tour as they are ipods. Will the service take a life of its own outside of the game? We’ll have to see how the strategy is played out in the future.

[The Escapist]

Review – Guitar Hero: On Tour


Guitar Hero On Tour is the latest in Activision’s part of the Guitar Hero franchise, and the one with the most potential for being a cheap cash-in. Fear not though, because it’s actually not entirely terrible!

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Hype Report 1: Wherein I Compare Beef to Video Games


In this column I talk about the upcoming games covered in the industry press in the past week that I’m most and least excited about.

MINUS: Guitar Hero: On Tour

So far the hands-on reports of this game from various gaming news sources have been glowing, but I personally don’t buy it at all. The problem with rhythm games and American audiences is that we’ve been raised on mediocrity for some time now, so much so that the standards have been skewed. While the flank steaks of Guitar Hero and Rock Band might be tasty in their own right, they just can’t compare to the exquisite fillet mignon of titles like Drummania and IIDX. To carry this analogy further, Guitar Hero: World Tour looks to be the equivalent of a White Castle burger; it’s portable and flavorful, but cheap and short-lived (it would probably also be best enjoyed high).

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Will Rock Your Socks, Wallet

Met with jeers, dismay, and “I told you so”-s, GameStop’s hefty $189.99 listing for the Guitar Hero: World Tour band package totally ruined everyone’s Memorial Day Weekend. If it will ease your pain any, the PS2 bundle is supposed to be ten bucks cheaper. As of now there is also a listing for a “guitar kit” (as many fans hoped) which still runs a steep fee of a Benjamin minus one cent. Finally, the game on its own will retail for $59.99 on PS3 and 360, but $49.99 on Wii and PS2.

I can imagine for many this will be divisive pointone that will dissuade many from even considering purchasing the game, especially if they already own Rock Band. The nay-sayers will only be bolstered by these figures, saying there’s no way the new game could be worth it. And yet on the other hand I’m sure the more patient folks will be happy to gloat about saving up for this game by skipping out on Rock Band in the first place. In my opinion, if the game lives up to all its promises (the biggest on-disc library of songs, realistic drums, robust song creation) then it should be well worth the money.


Guitar hero C64 (Ghetto edition)

Guitar Hero C64 Somebody out there has decided to make Guitar hero for the Commodore 64. The dude responsible for this pretty neat feat has skills, patience and a clear penchant for wanting to rock out using retro hardware.

This is officially the most ghetto version of Guitar hero ever. Just look at those graphics!! Damn. Well, if it can output in Stereo it’ll have one up over the Wii version of the game.


Guitar Hero 3: So What If There’s No Key-Tar?

guitar hero gameplay 01.jpg

Guitar Hero. Seriously, who hasn’t played it yet? If you missed the first one, you were bound to have touched the second one, unless you have made a cave far out north your permanent residence. Great songlist, great way of making young and old ones rock out with your rooster out, great controls thanks to the X-Plorer bundled with the 360 version, and the other wired controller with the PS2 one (don’t really recall the names of these guitars, unfortunately). This is a license that has cash cow written all over it.

Inevitably, part 3 makes its way to stores. The series is in the hands of Neversoft, famous for churning out Tony Hawk Skateboard sequels. This was all due to a nasty feud between them, Harmonix, EA, and Red Octane which I will not go into great detail, simply because this is a game review, not MTV’s Behind The Scenes. Besides, my puny brain cannot remember industry details unless I have and Gamebiz next to me. So how does Neversoft handle Harmonix’s baby this time around?
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Guitar Hero: One Axe To Rule Them All


” With an orange-painted-with-swirls LesPaul in hand, Sir Swissgar The Stallion, the dude with the blonde hair and spiked leather jacket, struts out with covers of ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Coming’, ‘Killing In The Name’, and ‘Surrender’, followed up with an encore of ‘War Pigs’, sung by the notorious Black Sabbath. He misses a few notes, but it matters not. He was in the zone, and the crowd just went balls-busting nuts.”

Sounds like something you come up with your imagination while punching in numbers at that job in the local bank. In truth, this was one of the examples of a play session of Guitar Hero 2, the sequel to the acclaimed rhythm game series created by Harmonix. All of the intensity of performing live, less than 10 minutes to perform.
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Custom Guitar Hero 2 360 discs?

Well, it seems the saying “when there is a will, there is a way” holds especially true for hackers with too much time on their hands. Users of the ScoreHero online guitar hero score database community have reportedly developed “a tool used for injecting CUSTOM SONGS into GH2 for the xbox 360!”. This short video shows “No One Like You” ripped right out of the PS2′s “Encore rock the 80′s edition” inserted into a custom disc being played on the 360. Now before you get excited at the prospect of tearing up your favorite Dream Theater or Metallica tracks on your 360, it is noted by the developer of the tool that you must have a modded xbox 360 to be able to play these custom discs. This of course, will void your warranty and likely get you permanently banned from live. Is it worth it to play custom tracks with Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band around the corner? Who knows, but it certainly says a lot of the tenacity and ingenuity of today’s amateur programmers out there to break all of the protection the 360 has in place.

[ScoreHero Forums]

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