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The Yamanote Halloween Train 2006

Every year in or close to Halloween, foreigners (and likeminded Japanese) living in Tokyo raid a train from the Yamanote line and party hard inside it. Drinking and jubilating is the name of the game, all of which is forbidden. The nature of the event is very impromptu and the date and place is usually announced just a couple of days before. Japundit brings us this video of this year’s festivities.

Oh those crazy gaijins!


Happy Halloween, you dorks!


Happy Halloween from Dark Diamond! Go out and scare some kids, scout for candy, watch some videos or geek your way into unconsciousness by gaming and watching some anime. Whatever is your way to party do it with responsibly and dont suck (unless the later is appropriate).

How are you spending/spent Halloween? Tell us in the comments and win some e-candy!

Gnome race inside WoW

16 level 1 gnomes, fresh of the barrens, in a mad dash race from Ironforge to Stormwind. This, dear readers, represents everything thats right about MMOs. Having pointless fun with the basic mechanics of the game. Its childish and its awesome.


Gum Tetris

Nothing much to say here, its frame by frame Tetris made of gum. Would be cool if they made a mix of old school games like this.

German Super Mario song just for gays

By now we’ve all seen the video of the original Super Mario Show ending theme, complete with its tripping Mario. But its not only funny in english, here’s the german version with misheard lyrics. Sex? Oh yes!

That is the Mario indeed.

Southpark: the complete WoW episode

As half the internet knows by now, South Park did a whole episode based on World of Warcraft this week and its a must see. I actually laughed several times through the episode; my jaded soul doesn’t usually do that, unless there’s an orphan crying. Anyway, here’s the complete episode courtesy of dailymotion.

Yamazaki number one!

Its late, I know, but here we are, ready to bring you your weekly Otaku music bit. This time its Yamazaki Ichiban, which is the opening theme for Class King Yamazaki. Its awesome, its like someone put Yatta and a Russian commie anthem in a blender and then made Pee-wee Herman spew his unholy seed into the mix.

I could see an army marching to this, but they’d probably be naked.

Refrigerator in cheese?!

For all the fun Japanese get out of foreigners and their language skills, we deserve some sort of satisfaction. These videos from Japanese morning show Morning Musume sure do the trick! In them Thane Camus, an infamous japanese celebrity, tests the hostesses abilities to form basic english sentences. The result? Pure hilarity!


The Maid Wars

maidcafe.jpgPatrick Macias, author and co-author of more than 5 books and an upcoming 6th, is currently working with NHK, Japanese public television channel, on a new show called TokyoEye. And for the next few days, he’ll be visiting some of the most prominent and unique maid Establishments in Japan. Best of all, he’s documenting his experience. From his site:

Amazingly, there is already another customer, textbook salaryman otaku-type, just to our right being worked over by a maid as we arrive. I try to imagine how this must look from his perspective. One second he is alone with the girl of his dreams, the next second, Candid Camera is setting up a lighting rig around some weird looking gaijin in a Famous Monsters shirt.

So far he’s been to Mai:lish Cafe and Maicure, a maid foot massage parlor. This promises to be a really cool series of articles, weather you are into maids or just love to watch the whole phenomenon from afar like a freakshow these articles should satisfy your morbid desires.

[Patrick Macias]

Moe moe with School Rumble

Its the weekend guys, so lets start with something mellow and easy. Last week we had the ultra violence of Ultra Relax, and that was frankly a little bit too much for my mind. This week I bring you a near lethal dose of moe~ (cuteness) with Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko, its the ending theme to School Rumble first season. Performed by Yuko Ogura dressed as Tenma-chan, the female lead of the series. Rainbowy afros and gaijin kids ahead.

Yuko Ogura is known for her stiffness and un-natural movements, the girl moves like mannequin, but it serves her right in this video as a schoolgirl. Ive watched this over 20 times this past 48 hours, by posting it I purge it from my mind.

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