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Dance Dance Immolation Makes Your Dance Moves Really Hot

Think you’re so good at Dance Dance Revolution that when you’re on the dance pad people say you are on fire? I bet not like this. This is Dance Dance Immolation, the long overdue combination of two things that should have never been appart: DDR and flamethrowers.

The folks from Boing Boing TV bring us a close look at this art project where you play DDR but if you miss a single step you get your face stuffed with fire. A product of the art collective Interpretive Arson, this project has been in the works for a few years now  and is doing rounds on art festivals and maker events. I dont know about you but I’d pay good money to play this. Actually, I’d pay even more to see my enemies play it, without the flame suit. Two men come in, dinner comes out.

I propose the new Mad Max movie has this instead of the thunderdome.

[Interpretive Arson / Via BB TV]

Dance Dance Revolution: The Musical?!


While we’re on the topic of silly franchise adaptations how about this? There’s a Dance Dance Revolution musical being prepared for this December. Its a “show set in an Orwellian society where dance is illegal. A group of local street toughs harbor no hope of overthrowing the fascistic no — fun government — until a mysterious dance prophet named Moonbeam Funk arrives”.

Oh boy, once Moonbeam Funk arrives you know its gonna be a party! Most disturbing of all though is that the show features original songs from Gary Adler and Phoabe Kreutz. Why the hell make a DDR musical if you’re not using DDR music? Not even ‘Moonbeam Funk’ can make up for that.


Captain Jack Is Back


No, not from the dead as that would be pretty hard even for Captain Jack, but the band is back! The new lineup are Bruce Lacy and Jamie Lee, their style has some similarities with the original but is much more modern. They already launched their first album this past October, I’m not sure how this went past our radars.

For those who dont know Captain Jack, he was one of the most iconic Eurodance figures with the gaming crowd ever since being featured in several Dance Dance Revolution games. The original frontman for Captain Jack passed away a few years ago, a sad moment for all of us, so its good to see the name lives on. You can check out 3 songs from their new album on their website.

[The New Captain Jack]

First Look At Dance Dance Revolution X


Here’s a photo from the second DDR X location test in Japan, showing off how the new DDR arcade iteration looks. The screen is much wider than before, and the whole cabinet is more sleek and looks a bit more GAR all around (the logo reminds me of the Japanese Super Smash Bros. Brawl one). As bemanistyle noted, it looks a bit like an IIDX machine.

Other details include more padded bars and modified arrow panels. Also, there are rumors that Brunswick Zone in Napperville IL (known for its godly collection of rhythm games) could serve as the first US test location of the machine.


DDR not so Dancey Dancey, nor Revolutionary anymore. . .


As was expected, dancing games are now a dime a dozen, and after the original DDR from Konami, The came PIU, Technomotion, and InTheGroove, you gotta expand your territory, right? Sadly, Konami thought this very well, and looked on getting the most of the dance pad design and what it represents: DDR : DVD Game consists of 30 dance “lessons” for you to do with your new pad but. . the dancing pad has. . .no cables! What does that make it? a carpet with arrows on it, just taking advantage of the dancing fad, and confusing the customers. Sorry Konami, but DDR Disney Mix was the most I could handle. Remember Konami: Games are Games, not movies.


Library Dance-Offs For Great Justice


The Shifted Librarian website tells us the story of a librarian that uses video games as a peace keeping tool. The library always has Dance Dance Revolution set up (although its probably Stepmania) and when a teen has a late fine he wants to dispute, the librarian will challenge him to a dance off. If the teen wins the fines are waived. However, if the teen were to lose, the fines must be paid and the teen will be marked with a hot iron in the shape of a DDR arrow. Well that last part is more of a suggestion than a fact.

Another milestone before libraries become state sponsored arcades.

[The Shifted Librarian / Via Boing Boing]

Dancing video, Keyboard-like steps!

I’ve seen this Arcade before. It’s an alternative to the oh so popular DDR and PIU machines. It uses the standard DDR pad. 4 arrows and has a pronounced higher challenging level than a DDR. The songs are a bit longer than average varying from 2:00 ~ 2:25 and handle lots of styles. I found this video and thought I might post it since the guy moves almost ninja fast.

I had never seen a 5 digit combo, let alone a 40,000 one. This guy must LIVE there.

My impression, as a DDR player is this: He’s pretty good; must’ve practiced the song for quite some time. His thin body makes him swift for the double arrows and the quick turnings. Should be into torunaments.

Although I’ve seen harder songs beaten in this arcade, this one aims for a full combo and has a pretty decent challenge.

On the other hand, by some fellow skinny DDRers, this isn’t an impossible feat for someone who is light builded (/me cries in the corner.) Someday…

Pump it up like there’s no tomorrow

When it comes to dance games I’ve always been on the DDR side, Pump It Up’s song library just doesn’t cut it. But arcade tastes aside, when you see talent like this guy you gotta respect it.Ive seen some free-stylers before but this guy takes the cake… and eats it while doing a back-flip. He goes by the name Smidget, we are not worthy of Smidget.


Crazy Stepmania Finger Guru


The guys at Kotaku posted some wacky StepMania video from somebody that has the determination and willpower to “finger-dance” at an excellent rate a Dragonforce song.

There’s no way someone could move his/her feet like that, so “cheating” is not a term you can use when talking about original Stepmania songs. There are songs for feet and songs for fingers, and this song is in the latter category.

Let’s take a look at this awesome video.

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93 seconds of fame

Today I have for you a true gem from the bowels of the intarweb! Our very own Velcor playing DDR on double mode in magical pictomotion presentation!

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