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Tuesday-tans: DS-tan

A couple of months ago I introduced you to PSP-tan and back then I told you PSP-tan was always at odds with the DS twins; I also told you you would meet them soon enough, well that time is now, Introducing DS-tan, or should I say the DS-tans.

As most characters, DS-tan has several presentations, and in this case her most common presentation is as a couple of twins, some times each one represents one screen in the DS, other times they represent two DS playing together. There are, however, several designs which show DS-tan as a single character and even those that using the twins design mix and match to represent the DS and the DS Lite.



DS-tan is always in a playful mood, few things bring her down, and even though PSP-tan is always harsh on her she has always been very nice to every other console-tan out there. She specially likes to hug and cuddle, “touching is good” she says. Dont be to harsh on her though, her joins have been known to break.

There is, evidently more love for DS-tan than PSP-tan as you can tell from the number of pictures. As a curious fact, one of the images was made by Diana Jakobsson from Studio Stawberri, you might know her as the author of the awesome latex catsuit  wearing PSP-tan which headed our PSP-tan entry. Pay her a visit, she’s a wonderful artist. Enjoy the gallery and see you next week!

The Battle Of The Console Tans Comes To An End

Hark, fanboys! The console war is over, you can finally put down those flamethrowers! You chose a winner, and no it wasn’t through sales figures that the war was won, it was through their avatars. That’s right our long running poll on your favorite this-gen Console-tan has come to an end! I even made a pretty chart, just for you!

The poll finished up with just over 400 votes and the results are as follow. Gathering the least support, most likely due to fanboyism rather than actual character design, is PS3-tan with only 90 votes. That’s too bad, she was my favorite, my shiny… blue haired.. sexy favorite… erhm.. I digress. In second place we have 360-tan gathering 122 votes, not bad at all! And the evident winner, by a large margin is Wii-tan who got 191 votes, guess there’s no match for the athletic and easy-go-lucky gal!

Congratulations to all three sides, you put out a hell of a fight. There’s a new poll out now, a less conflictive one at that, so get voting!

Tuesday-tans: Wii love fanart!

This week’s edition of Tuesday-tans is a first for this feature as well as for Dark Diamond, we got fanart! Reader Grey Acumen, hit us up in the mailbox a while ago and he had a surprise, two of them actually.

Meet Wii-kun and Ichiko, Grey’s own take on Wii and Wiimote personifications. Inspired by the original Wii-tan post Grey created a Console-kun (male -tan) for the Wii which is actually the first Wii-kun I’ve seen around. He Also created four representations of the Wiimote, called the Mote sisters, of which Ichiko is the first.

Grey’s description of his Console-tans are filled with sneaky gamer puns that take me back to E3 2005. Take Wii-kun’s description for example:

Wikun is the successor of the Tendo Branch of Gaming Mastery, given the charge of training the four Mote sisters. Together, they hope to change the way the world views and experiences gaming. Wikun’s full name is William Revolu, he prefers to be called Mr. Revolu, or Revolu San, but the Mote sisters gave him the nickname Wikun, which has stuck with him ever since. Wikun was raised by his mentor, Cube, who taught him the way of the disc. Though Wikun learned much from Cube, it is his own telepathic powers(wifi) that allow him to communicate with the previous masters of the Tendo Branch. Through them, he is able to learn the old teachings(Virtual Console) that Cube had turned away from. Wikun hopes to combine these lost arts with the teachings of his mentor to usher in a new era of Gaming Mastery.

I bet Master Cube killed himself from starvation, guess depriving himself of games was not the path to enlightenment after all.

If you want to read the full stories behind Grey’s Console-tans project site. Apparently he has big plans for future creations. We salute you, Grey Acumen. And remember if you want to send us your own fanart or any other tips you can always hit us up at!

[Nintendo Tans Project Plan]

360-tan gets translated

Well its usually our console-tan posts that end up on Kotaku, but this time we’re plucking a petal from the Kotaku flower and bringing you this translation of one the images of 360-tan.

Although it was pretty self explanatory from the beginning its nice to see someone go the extra mile.


Tuesday-tans: PSP-tan

You’re In luck, its early Tuesday and you’re already reading this week’s Tuesday-tans update! I think this is a first, I’ll make it on the DDN calendar of mythic dates.

Today’s edition introduces a severely under-appreciated Console-tan, its also our first incursion into the world of Portable-tans. PSP-tan is the sexy geek on the block. She loves movies, and ‘mature’ games, and even though she tries to hide it, she’s always carrying a small stash of porn, just in case, you know.


She mostly dresses in black latex/PVC clothes, which furthers her kinky image. Although recently she’s been seen dressing in slick white, camo patterns and even a very girly pink. This would lead you to believe her fashion sense is normalizing but then again, she’s also been seen wearing some very translucent clothes!


She’s always at odds with the DS twins (you’ll meet them soon enough) and unlike them who spend their time playing with little pets, cooking and generally training their brains, PSP-tan prefers traveling alone, playing sports, watching a movie and yes, checking out her stash of porn.

Seriously, I checked everywhere for more images of PSP-tan but there’s just no love from the fans! Its a shame because her design has so much potential, I personally love the one on top. So these 3 pictures are all you get this week, again if I find more I’ll make an update on her. See you next week!

Edit: Thanks Merrick for finding an extra, albeit small, image of PSP-tan!

Tuesday-tans: PS3-tan


Note: Hi people from other gaming sites, dont forget to vote on our console-tan poll and check out or other stuff!

There’s still about 5 minutes left of Tuesday at the time of writing this so yes its time for yet another Tuesday-tan update. Today we’ll pay a visit to the last of the this-gen console-tans, PS3-tan. I had a good bunch of pictures of PS3-tan but I cant reach most of them so these 3 will have to do, I might do an addendum to this post some time later.

PS3-tan is commonly depicted with the design you see above, with a tight short black dress or as a small gothic lolita girl as seen below. When as a grown-up she’s often bragging about her measurements to the rest of the console-tans, specially to Wii-tan, to whom she has a personal vendetta. The rest of the consoles usually tease her about having a huge bust size (again, as a sign of high specs). PS3-tan is also quite narcissistic and she’s usually seen staring at herself in the mirror (screenshot carnival anyone?) instead of playing with the rest of the console-tans.

ps3-tan 2.jpgps3-tan3.jpgps3-tan5.png

When as a child (a version used more before the console was released), she’s often seen carrying around a really big crab plush doll and playing with a small model car while shouting (guess what?) RIIIIDGE RAAACER. With this we’re done with this-gen consoles, expect the portables soon. Enjoy the few images in this update and see you next week!

Tuesday-tans: 360-tan


Today we’ll be featuring one of the latest, yet least seen of the console-tans. Xbox 360-tan for almost obvious reasons. Most Net Characters are created on Japanese image-boards and with the deplorable sales of the 360 in Japan, its no mystery why poor 360-tan gets no love.


360-tan has no defined design but as the other console-tans she wears her controllers as head-pieces. One of the designs shows her with one floating arm symbolizing her wireless controllers. 360-tan is a fun loving character and very social, she spends a lot of time online and has a very competitive nature. She’s often picking a fight with PS3-tan. As distant relative to the other OS-tans from Microsoft she tends to suffer from occasional instability.

Tuesday-Tans: Wii-tan


Tuesday has come and that means its time for the debut of our new weekly feature Tuesday-Tans. This time starting with one of the newest Console-tans, Wii-tan.


Wii-tan is most commonly depicted as a small child, she’s supposed to be of a very happy-go-Lucky attitude, often seen with a Wiimote and nunchuk in her head and other times hanging out with Wiimote-tan and Nunchuk-tan. PS3-tan is constantly teasing her for her supposed immaturity while 360-tan helps her out every once in a while. The Internet has yet to settle on a definitive design for Wii-tan.

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