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The Pirate Bay – A Moment of Silence Please

Rest in Peace, we hardley knew ye.

With a recent announcement of acquisition by the Swedish tech company, Global Gaming Factory X, The Pirate bay seems to be going the way of Napster. The company reportedly paid around 7.7 million dollars for the online piracy hub, which for those of you who are curious, is well above the old owners recent legal fines of 3.6 million.

“We would like to introduce models which entail that content providers and copyright owners get paid for content that is downloaded via the site,” said Global Gaming CEO Hans Pandeya.

With this announcement, they are clearly trying to move the site and community forward past these recent legal troubles into a completely legitimate operation. I wish them the best of luck, but we all know how well Napster did after trying the same thing.

You had a hell of a run, TPB, and will be sorely missed by many.

[InformationWeek][The Pirate Bay]

So, when are you coming to work for me, Detective Payne?

Now with 80% less hygiene.

Details are starting to emerge regarding Rockstar’s recently announced noir third person shooter, Max Payne 3. Gamespy reports scans of the latest issue of Game Informer which unveil much information about how the game will play out. Major changes include a shift in setting down to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and our favorite detective is now a middle aged, balding, wash up of a man.  The iconic bullet time remains, along with the internal comic-book style monologues which told the story of Max’s downfall. Reports also indicate a cover system will be added, however it will not be as critical to the gameplay as Gears of War.

I don’t know about you folks but this gets me pretty excited, I just hope Rockstar can keep the good old Max Payne feel we have come to know and love.



Dell, you up for some major changes?

Linux tux-large.jpg

Not too long ago, the folks over at Dell Computers had an idea, they decided to let the public decide on what changes needed to be done, well, they got an answer.

70% of people wanted Dell to change over to Linux.

Yeah, I can tell who voted in that one. Now Dell will start putting Linux on all its computers it ships out, which eventually might make it cheaper, since Linux is free, and Windows isn’t. It might be a while though for all the support and staff to be “Linux Compatible” for this event


Nahu, pick up one or two of these for the Holidays!


Recent technology is amazing, the downloads are fast, and browsing, even faster. Well, compared to the good Ole dial up from yester-year. But now something comes and shatters all you knew about the Internet and speed. The record for largest amounts of data on a single optical line: 25.6 Tbps, yes, TERABYTES. set by Alcatel-Lucent

This is currently the world record, and the previous was 14Tbps. Now in case you were wondering, and I’m sure many of you would like to see the sheer awesome in this. here’s an example: You could send over 600 DVDs worth of information, in ONE SECOND, yeah, hardcore, i know. Just need something like that in my house, I’d be set for life.



Name the Firefox

firefox.JPGMozilla continues to fight a tough battle in Japan where the browser of choice continues to be Internet Explorer. They’ve had some good ideas like the maid approach, but alas, thats only one pillar of japanese marketing. If cosplay wont sell it, mascots will.

And in comes this little fellow, a cute Firefox. He’s lacking a name though, and thats where you come in. Mozilla is running a contest to pick a name The contest last until the 14th of September, no idea if there’s a prize though, perhaps a plushie or a date with a Firefox maid. Anyway go ahead, submit a name, I sent in ‘Fugito’.

[Japan Probe]

Make your windows desktop actually a desktop

All right for all those productivity and file managing geeks we’ve got a little something for you! This is a video of BumpTop, a desktop replacement for Windows. Sure there are lots of replacements out there, but this one is actually as close as you can get to a real desktop.

You can pile, throw, crush, bend and even stack your documents. Its something you have to see to believe. The most amazing part is that it appears to be really intuitive.

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