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The Evangelion Jacket…. That Isn’t


What you see above is probably one of the best pieces of Evangelion themed-clothing that’s ever been created. With a color scheme and shapes that are completely reminiscent of the Eva 01, this jacket would be a stylish piece of Evangelion merchandise. That is, if it wasn’t utterly unrelated to the series.

Reader Rob sent us a link to this jacket he found while browsing the interwebs which is brilliantly similar to the Eva 01, but since it really isn’t, its just a hideously neon jacket. Someone send an email to Gainax, we’re missing out.

Thanks Rob!


Sweet Persona 4 Track Jacket


Persona 3 was a game that had a very distinctive and attractive stylistic sensibility to it, and Persona 4 is no different, giving us a brand new gang of beautiful hipsters to crawl through some dungeons with. In celebration of the game’s release, Japanese manufacturer Cospa is putting out this beautiful track jacket based on the same one the main character wears.

And now for the bad news: it costs about $90 US and so far there’s no known way to get this thing shipped to the US. I could definitely see myself wearing this, and may have to go to some ridiculous lengths to secure one. In the meantime I’ll just have to be content with my daydreams and QQ.


Snazzy Limited Edition Street Fighter Gear


This is just the first in a line of Street Fighter “collections” from clothing line Triumvir, and the rest of the line will follow in late 2008. The cap and t-shirt come together as a package, and are based off of M. Bison’s Shadaloo crime organization.

I bet most of you are thinking the red ensemble looks a lot sharper (and more Bison-like). Turns out the producers though the same thing—it will only be available at Comic Con this year. Only 200 pieces will be available worldwide (!), so the competition to snag them will be fierce.

[highsnobiety via / Kotaku]

Stylish Pokemon Shirts Look to Cash in on Aging Fans

image image

Someone’s viral marketing scheme must have worked, because I have seen these goddamned shirts everywhere, and yet I also desperately feel like buying them at the expense of a few lost meals. The idea behind this clothing line, presented by the “Pokémon Company,” is to offer some stylish and somewhat sophisticated merchandise for the older pokémon fan that already has a closet full of plushies and the like.

The shirts are Japan-only for now, but I could see a US release being very lucrative as well, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that were to happen in the future. As of now we have four shirt designs featuring Hypno, Mewtwo, Articuno, and Cubone. For more updates you can check out the official POKéMON 151 site here.


Carry your books Jedi master Yoda will!

yoda.jpg“Keep Your Things Safe It Will” or so says the product description. Dress as Luke and carry a legendary Jedi Master in your back, if you don’t ascend to a higher plane of geekness then there is no geek good in the heavens! Truly the best ideas are those you look at and think “why didn’t i think about that?” This backpack from ThinkGeek. But a warning does come from Katherine at popgadget:

“take a tip from the ladies and stay away or at least hide it for only your most geeky guy moments. Unless of course you find that very special girl whose definition of ‘hunky’ includes soda gut and the ability to recite verbatim the Jedi Code.”

You heard the lady!

[ThinkGeek / Via BoingBoing]

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