Tuesday-Tans: Wii-tan



Tuesday has come and that means its time for the debut of our new weekly feature Tuesday-Tans. This time starting with one of the newest Console-tans, Wii-tan.


Wii-tan is most commonly depicted as a small child, she’s supposed to be of a very happy-go-Lucky attitude, often seen with a Wiimote and nunchuk in her head and other times hanging out with Wiimote-tan and Nunchuk-tan. PS3-tan is constantly teasing her for her supposed immaturity while 360-tan helps her out every once in a while. The Internet has yet to settle on a definitive design for Wii-tan.

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9 Replies to "Tuesday-Tans: Wii-tan"

  1. Sessler says:

    The Wii-tans are all rather plain and dull…just like the console itself

  2. Well not much else to do when the original design is minimalist.

  3. .... says:

    That Brunette is hot.
    She is the winner.

  4. dude says:

    burnette is hot!
    wii wins!
    suck it ps3!

  5. A bit of a fanboy are we?

    Although wii-tan, ps3-tan and the word suck in the same thought is an idea I fully endorse!

  6. Your Mom says:

    Wii-tans are AWESOMER!!!!!

  7. Jeimuzu says:

    Wow. “Sessler” needs to open his eyes, the Wii’s design is sleek and sensible, not dull. If any design is lame, it’s the PS3. It’s too damn big and just a big black chunk. Both the Wii and the 360′s designs are great.

    My personal favorite is the black-haired Wii. Hopefully the net can come to a general conclusion on which they prefer.

  8. RPM says:

    I don’t think I will pout my wiimote down ever again…

    On other notes the Wii has made it self out to be the best selling video game conceal out of the tree. Ever seance it came out it’s bin sold out and STILL is sold out across the US and other country’s.

    About the look it’s a small and smooth looking system with grate looking accessory’s. The Ps3 is a BEAST witch I mean it’s a bit big…ok a RELY BIG just like what Jeimuzu was saying.

    The Xbox 360 is a bit smaller then the Ps3 and has a nice design to it with overall good looks.

    The Ps3 has the best of both sides with a small amount of the controller movement of the wiimoat and the graphics of the Xbox 360. The Blue Ray disc is not going to get off for a long time if it ever dose.

    BTW the Wii-tan is hot stuff and is a grate look for the Wii.

    o yeah Sessler you most likely don’t have a Wii so don’t comment on what you don’t know.

    Nahu comment 5/ I salute you.

  9. Demick says:

    The second from the right and the main pic are both cutie-pies! They’we so chibi… ^-^

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