Tuesday-tans: Wii love fanart!


This week’s edition of Tuesday-tans is a first for this feature as well as for Dark Diamond, we got fanart! Reader Grey Acumen, hit us up in the mailbox a while ago and he had a surprise, two of them actually.

Meet Wii-kun and Ichiko, Grey’s own take on Wii and Wiimote personifications. Inspired by the original Wii-tan post Grey created a Console-kun (male -tan) for the Wii which is actually the first Wii-kun I’ve seen around. He Also created four representations of the Wiimote, called the Mote sisters, of which Ichiko is the first.

Grey’s description of his Console-tans are filled with sneaky gamer puns that take me back to E3 2005. Take Wii-kun’s description for example:

Wikun is the successor of the Tendo Branch of Gaming Mastery, given the charge of training the four Mote sisters. Together, they hope to change the way the world views and experiences gaming. Wikun’s full name is William Revolu, he prefers to be called Mr. Revolu, or Revolu San, but the Mote sisters gave him the nickname Wikun, which has stuck with him ever since. Wikun was raised by his mentor, Cube, who taught him the way of the disc. Though Wikun learned much from Cube, it is his own telepathic powers(wifi) that allow him to communicate with the previous masters of the Tendo Branch. Through them, he is able to learn the old teachings(Virtual Console) that Cube had turned away from. Wikun hopes to combine these lost arts with the teachings of his mentor to usher in a new era of Gaming Mastery.

I bet Master Cube killed himself from starvation, guess depriving himself of games was not the path to enlightenment after all.

If you want to read the full stories behind Grey’s Console-tans project site. Apparently he has big plans for future creations. We salute you, Grey Acumen. And remember if you want to send us your own fanart or any other tips you can always hit us up at tips@darkdiamond.net!

[Nintendo Tans Project Plan]

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4 Replies to "Tuesday-tans: Wii love fanart!"

  1. Grey Acumen says:

    Actually, Cube is still alive at the beginning, but he’s retired from fighting.

    If you want the current character writeups and plans for the future, check out http://web.acd.ccac.edu/~bconn11/ or my deviant art site.

  2. Its linked right there at the bottom :)

  3. Grey Acumen says:

    Oh ^^j sorry about that, I didn’t realize it was a hyperlink. I thought it was just an odd signature thing. Sneaky hyperlinks. I’ve been busy with real life stuff, but I should have Cube’s writeup down by the end of today.

  4. Grey Acumen says:

    Oh, yeah, and thanks for the plug of course.

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