Tuesday-tans: PSP-tan


You’re In luck, its early Tuesday and you’re already reading this week’s Tuesday-tans update! I think this is a first, I’ll make it on the DDN calendar of mythic dates.

Today’s edition introduces a severely under-appreciated Console-tan, its also our first incursion into the world of Portable-tans. PSP-tan is the sexy geek on the block. She loves movies, and ‘mature’ games, and even though she tries to hide it, she’s always carrying a small stash of porn, just in case, you know.


She mostly dresses in black latex/PVC clothes, which furthers her kinky image. Although recently she’s been seen dressing in slick white, camo patterns and even a very girly pink. This would lead you to believe her fashion sense is normalizing but then again, she’s also been seen wearing some very translucent clothes!


She’s always at odds with the DS twins (you’ll meet them soon enough) and unlike them who spend their time playing with little pets, cooking and generally training their brains, PSP-tan prefers traveling alone, playing sports, watching a movie and yes, checking out her stash of porn.

Seriously, I checked everywhere for more images of PSP-tan but there’s just no love from the fans! Its a shame because her design has so much potential, I personally love the one on top. So these 3 pictures are all you get this week, again if I find more I’ll make an update on her. See you next week!

Edit: Thanks Merrick for finding an extra, albeit small, image of PSP-tan!

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8 Replies to "Tuesday-tans: PSP-tan"

  1. Merrick says:

    Suddenly, I have an overwhelming urge to buy a PSP… /drool
    Just where is the wrist strap in that first pic attached?! o.O

  2. cyberscythe says:

    Did you check deviantArt? I did.

    Despite the reams of bleh-desu art, there’s some nice ones. I didn’t bother to search s’more because PSP also means “Paint Shot Pro”, which kinda pollutes the search results. ^.^()

  3. Lets just say that if you pulled that wrist strap it would probably slide out easily.

    And thanks for that pic, I’ll add it right away!

  4. Thanks cyberscythe, but being an ex-deviant myself I dont think I have it in me to pluck an image directly from DA. If I find it anywhere else then I’ll post it since it has no attribution to author already, but you well know deviants have a reputation for being pissy when someone takes their stuff :P

  5. Kotaku says:

    Her Name? PSP-tan…

    We’ve met Wii-tan, 360-tan and PS3-tan. ‘Bout time we moved on to the portables. Here is PSP-tan. She’s dressed in slick, black rubber. Kinky-looking, but without the strength for long playtime stretches. Blogs site Dark Diamond Network: Seriously, …

  6. Snkake says:

    Woah, PSP tan is hot, there aren’t many pcis of her though >_

  7. niq says:

    hawt. do we know the artist?

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