Sound test Saturday: Streets of rage – Fighting in the street


Streets of rage (Fighting in the street) Sound test Saturday

Streets of rage‘s soundtrack was way ahead of its time. During a period when every other game was going for those pieces of music that could simply only be pigeon holed as a video game composition and nothing else, and in many cases exposed the limitations of the hardware at the time – the Streets of rage franchise pushed the boundaries. By going with a more mainstream musical styling, not unlike anything you’d hear in a club or on the radio: Streets of rage ushered in a new wave of video game soundtracks. And let gamers know that a video game soundtrack could be funky, could make you dance, could be hella cool and sound good enough that you could play it seperately from the game. I found the soundtrack so fresh when I first heard it, simply because I’d never heard music like it in a video game before. I didn’t know a video game could feature music so funky and dance oriented until Streets of rage came along.

The original Streets of rage‘s very first stage had one of the most memorable pieces of music in the whole game, and possibly the series.  With it’s hot synth work, funky horns and a break down: there was nothing better for you to stab, bottle and pipe swing suckers to. “Fighting the the street” is a classic that never gets old. Not matter how many times I hear it, I love it, and come over all nostalgic in the process and just wanna switch the game on, pick Blaze and watch her lay the smackdown in a skirt that’s way too short and too shiny for a lady to wear on the streets at night unless she’s Beyoncé and she’s filming a music video.

I loved “Fighting the street” so much, that I decided to re-do the song from scratch myself a couple of years ago – purely because I wanted a version of it that had more kick and didn’t sound so 16-bit like. So this version is my own re-do if you will. It’s exactly the same as the original. Only less MIDI-fied and with a bit more of a punch in the beat.

Listen: Fighting in the street (Random J’s re-do)

Original composition by Yuzo Koshiro
Re-done by Random J
Streets of rage / Bare knuckle OST
© 1991, 2007 Sega

For the mp3 players: Fighting in the street (Random J’s re-do)

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11 Replies to "Sound test Saturday: Streets of rage – Fighting in the street"

  1. Luna says:

    This game! I wish my nephew had never stolen it and left it in California!

    Also nice redo, really has the beat of Steets of Rage (I never forget that beat)

  2. FluxWaveZ says:

    That’s a nice redo you did there, it sounds more modern. As if there would be a new version of Streets of Rage…

  3. Khaim says:

    Ever remember the tune from the foggy stage at Streets of Rage 2? The boss music was also dancy.

    You know, if something reminds me a bit of Streets of Rage are C + C Music Factory, or that other song from ‘Snap!’ “Rhythm is a dancer”. . . The good moments of the early 90′s

  4. robbie says:

    YES! Streets of Rage was my game when I was a kid. When it went up on Virtual Console I bought it even though I still have my working Sega and a copy of Streets. That game owned.

  5. Link says:

    It’s fun to listen to this song while watching the “So easy a cat can do it .gif on the left side of the page.

  6. Enner says:

    Awesome redo, Random J. Makes me want to take out my Genesis and play the games again. Oh wait, there’s the Streets of Rage Remake for the PC! Huzzah!

  7. Sol says:

    Good job man, nicely done remix.

  8. Desfunk says:

    Nice work on the redo. It’s wicked when you get that videogame tune that is just soooo memorable, that you find yourself humming it 10+ years later (i’ll randomly break out into humming megaman2 tunes from time to time :p)

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