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Hi everyone who’s still reading!

The site was hacked a few weeks ago. Getting it up and running again took quite a while as you can see. I still need to comb through a lot of code to find any remnants of the attack. I’ll have an overdue statement up shortly.художник на икониИкони на светциХудожникОткъде да купя иконаидея за подаръкsondajiсондажи

Gabe Newell Is A Master Troll

Someone emailed Gabe Newell a haiku baiting for some Ep3 news which prompted Gabe Newell to pull off a massive tease on the whole internet. He seems to be counting Episode as two syllables though… Guess it’s true Valve has trouble counting to three.

свети георги

Demolition Inc.

Demolition Inc. is a new game on Steam and while it’s not Blast Corps it is the closest thing to Blast Corps in since Blast corpse. Give it a try if you’re yearning for some destruction and… cows.

Valve Updates Its Logo For DOTA 2

After quite a few years Valve is updating their intro video and… well, when Gabe Newell said Valve had to get back into scaring people I never thought he meant with the logo video.

Ghost In The Shell Human Revoltion

I would pay so much money for this… and by this I mean either a Ghost in the Shell game or a 3rd season for Stand Alone Complex. There were some rumors of a new GitS project in the making a few months ago but it’s all gone dark once again.

Deus Ex: Human Revulution Boss Fights Were Outsourced

Without a doubt, the worst part of Deus Ex: Human Revolution were the boss fights. Now we know why. In this behind the scenes clip we learn that the boss figths were outsourced to a company that usually only programs tools for the industry, lead by guy who had no idea what Deus Ex was like and outright says he approaches things as a fan of shooters.

Now you know why all the boss fights feel completely out of place and offer no congruent way to finish them as a stealth character.

Lollipop Chainsaw TGS Trailer

Straight out of TGS 2011 comes the first trailer for Suda 51’s newest game, Lollipop Chainsaw. As usual, Suda 51 has no issues with appealing to his core audience’s most basic interests, which is totally fine by me!

ZOMBIES, RUN! An Audio Game For Android & iOS

Here’s an awesome project for a mobile audio game where you must outrun the zombie apocalypse in order to keep your little stronghold going. The project as found sufficient funding and it’s supposedly coming sometime early 2012.

Nyan Cat Redeemer

What does the gritty, dark and cut-throat Unreal Tournament 3 need? Nuclear powered Nyan-cat missiles, of course. Once again the modding scene delivers.

Once More: The Fine Physics Of Just Cause 2

Once again, another fine example of the greatness of Just Cause 2, the greatest physics in a sandbox game in a generation.

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